Supplements: Dr Ellie warns natural treatments aren’t regulated – ‘Be careful’ of risks


From plants that can target joint pain to herbal teas for relieving stomach problems, there are plenty of natural remedies. While some herbs like mint are packed with benefits for your health without posing risk, others might not be so black and white. Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Ellie shared what to watch out for.

Dr Ellie said: “I think just because something is natural, of course, that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

“But I think if something has been used for thousands of years, of course, you’ve got that history that tells us they are safe.

“But they are not regulated.”

Unlike medicine you buy in pharmacies, herbal remedies don’t get heavily scrutinised before settling on a recommended dose.

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The doctor explained that the lack of regulation is one of the problems that doctors like her have with natural medicine.

She added: “And we don’t know what the dosing could be.

“Whereas if I’m telling you to take aspirin, I know what the dose is because there have been trials.

“We don’t know what the dose is [for herbs and plants] and there could also be side effects.”




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