Struggling With Thin Hair? Some Easy Hacks to Add Volume


Last Updated: August 26, 2022, 16:24 IST

To add volume to the hair, you can adopt the technique of reverse hair wash.

With the help of reverse hair wash, you can bring volume to your hair.

The problem of thin hair troubles almost every girl/woman. With thin hair, several hairstyles are nearly impossible to sport. Due to thin hair, all hairstyles look the same. There are a variety of treatments available to add volume to the hair, but their use can make the hair worse, sometimes. If you also want to add a little volume to your flat and thin hair and make them look fuller or thicker, we got you covered.

You can increase the volume of your hair with the help of your flat iron. For this, wash your hair and then do small sections of your hair. Now pull the hair in the upward direction with the help of a straightener. By using this iron in the opposite direction from the natural direction, hair roots stand up and increase their volume.

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To add volume to the hair, you can adopt the technique of reverse hair wash. To do this, first, wet your hair and use conditioner in the hair as a hair pack. Now keep it in the hair for half an hour and wash the hair with shampoo after half an hour. Doing so will provide a bounce in the hair.

Make a twisted braid before sleeping to add volume to your hair. Make a high ponytail in the hair before sleeping at night, then knead it well. Then go to sleep. By morning, your hair will have a natural volume. You can give it a look with the help of hair serum.

If you want to add some bounce to your hair, bend the hair forward and brush it well. Now spray hair powder on the roots of the hair. Now turn the hair backwards and shape the hair with your hand.

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