Struggling to Maintain Your Sense of Style on a Budget? Try These Hacks


With the month coming to an end, money getting slimmed down in the bank account is a common affair. Moreover, when you are gearing to turn up the style quotient to jazz up the mood, at the fag end of the year; we understand how important it is to look great, feel fab- especially during a time when we are all combating the pandemic worldwide.

But there’s nothing to worry, as we present to you style hacks to look ravishing in your same old clothes. Take a look at the top 5 fashion hacks:

1. Mix and match- Do you find yourself looking at your wardrobe and thinking if you could mix and match the clothes to whip up a new look? Well, time to get creative with your wardrobe.

Try layering up- take that top or t-shirt out of the rack and pair it up with a jacket, sweater, waist-coat, put a scarf around your head to add that chic touch. Wearing a few garments by layering them up is a great way to up your fashion quotient. Look cool and fab without having to shell out any money. This is by far the easiest way to look rich and gorgeous in the cheapest way for sure!

2. Bring back baggy pants in fashion- Style yourself in comfy clothes, feel relaxed and you are good to go. Wearing comfortable clothes automatically reflects on the joy in your face and eyes. It makes you look confident quite contrary to the belief that being prim and proper is the only way to jazz up fashion. Slip into those boyfriend t-shirts, loose, over-sized jeans, pajamas and set yourself apart in the crowd.

3. Accessorize your look- While purchasing new clothes might be not an option, there is no room for disappointment when you have lots of accessories with you. The smartest way to look fashionable is to wear jewellery, footwear, sunglasses judiciously. Take a tote bag or purse, team your dress with the right kind of earrings and hair bands and you are certainly going to be show stealer.

4. Customize your clothes- Why wait for a tailor when you can make your clothes on your won. Sounds crazy but hear us out. Remember that long skirt or parallel pants which were out of fashion at one point? Cut them from the bottom and use them as short skirts or hot pants. Cut a long shirt and use it as a blouse and team it up with a saree.

5. Flaunt monotone- Don’t shy away from wearing monochromatic clothes. Go ahead with your clean, neat sense of styling with ease; and trust to turn out looking great.

Money is not needed to look great. Confidence and intelligence will always take a long way even when you run out of money. So, what’s stopping you, go ahead and look like a million dollars always!



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