Stroke symptoms: Dizziness could occur up to seven days before an attack


Stroke is brain damage that results from an obstruction in the arteries leading to the brain. Although it occurs suddenly, warning signs may be evident as early as seven days prior to an attack. These can occur when a blood clot temporarily blocks blood flow to the organ, before being dissolved naturally by the body. According to the Centre For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this fleeting disruption could cause dizziness or loss of coordination.

The CDC recently issued a statement reiterating the importance of acting swiftly when symptoms of stroke occur.

The body states that individuals may experience trouble walking, loss of coordination, or loss of balance.

According to the platform Saebo, which provides therapy solutions for stroke patients, dizziness may be among the early warning signs of stroke.

The body explains that patients tend to experience “sudden dizziness, trouble walking, loss of balance or coordination”.

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It continues: “The keyword here is sudden: one moment you’re fine, the next you feel dizzy or have trouble keeping your balance. This is another sign that your brain is being affected by something.”

Early research, published in the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology showed that up to 43 percent of patients may experience symptoms of a transient attack in the seven days leading up to an attack.

These symptoms occur when a transient ischaemic event causes blood flow to the brain to falter momentarily.

This blood clot is usually quickly resolved by the body’s natural clot-dissolving actions, which restore blood flow.




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