Stomach bloating: Seven causes you may not know about and how to reduce it


For example, David said: “If you are feeling stressed whilst eating, your body turns its attention away from digestion. This means you can’t break down and digest foods properly, which subsequently leads to bloating. If possible, turn off all possible distractions and focus on your mealtime.”

Drinking too many fizzy drinks

Unfortunately, if you are a fizzy drink lover but suffer from bloating shortly after your favourite drink, it might be a sensible idea to start cutting it out, said David.

“Whilst the carbonation in fizzy drinks is typically calorie-free and a nice substitute to see you through your day, the gas can really bloat you as they release air as they move through the digestive system.

“In addition to this, many fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners which can also contribute to stomach bloating.



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