Steven Tyler health: Aerosmith star recently relapsed after trying to manage pain


He says he stayed sober after his rehabilitation in 2009 – and said in 2019 as part of the GQ interview that he was still undergoing the 12-step program.

The 12-step programs were developed by the organisation alcoholics anonymous to help people dealing with substance and behavioural addictions, as well as issues with compulsivity.

The steps involve being honest about the position you’re in and admitting you’re helpless in the face of the issues. Other steps include acceptance, humility, and willingness.

“I can be in Afghanistan, I can be in Japan, and go to a meeting and the room is full of alcoholics and people that did drugs like I did. Only nobody’s high. And, believe me, the stuff they say is phenomenal. They’re still crazy, they’re just not under the influence,” said Tyler.



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