Stay Cool in Summers with Traditional Drinks from Various Parts of India


Summer is a time when dehydration is on peak and all you want is to have tasty and cold beverages. In summers, people are always in search of drinks that will help to beat the heat and also make them feel refreshed. While there are multiple juices and drinks available in the market, people still love sticking to their traditional roots.

There are various drinks which are in existence before the arrival of packed juices and milkshakes. These traditional drinks are known to have a cooling effect and can be made easily at home.

Chaas (Buttermilk)
Chas or buttermilk is consumed with lunch and dinner in many Indian households. It is refreshing as well as healthy. Chaas is known to prevent digestive issues as it is loaded with probiotic properties which aids gut health.

Babri Beol
This traditional drink from Jammu and Kashmir is known to have existed since the time of Babur. It is believed Mughal emperor Babur introduced the region to basil seeds which are a core ingredient of the drink. Apart from its historic significance, the drink has immense health benefits as it contains milk, water, basil seeds, and coconut. While milk is rich in calcium and protein, basil seeds are known to control blood pressure and sugar.

Aam Panna
Summers are a season of mangoes and no one waits for summer more eagerly than mango lovers. This spicy drink is made from raw mangoes which provide vitamin C and is said to be an immunity booster. The drink is popular in North-west regions of India.

Tikhur Sherbat
The drink from Chhattisgarh is quite unique in itself as it is made with indigenous herb called Curcuma Angustifolia. By soaking it overnight in water and then making paste and drying in the sun, globules are made. These globules are later used to make this interesting drink. It is a source of instant energy in summers as the drink is known to be high on carbohydrates.

One of the favourite drinks of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Piyush is made with a lot of things assorted together. It has shrikhand, buttermilk, nutmeg, kesar and lots of dry fruits. It has a sweet flavour which provides refreshment to the body and is also a great dessert.

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