Six Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For Your Body And Brain


Meditation helps you find peace in the chaos of the world. In case you are going through tension, stress, or anxiety, then you should practice meditation to find your inner peace. Meditation doesn’t require any trainer, equipment or special training. It can be done at home at your comfort. Mediation is an ancient practice which connects our heart and soul. Your body and brain can extract numerous benefits from meditation. `

  1. Reduces Stress
    One of the most important benefits of meditation is that it reduces physical and mental stress. Various studies have proved that meditation calms the senses and hence controls the production of hormones that cause stress.
  2. Increases Concentration
    Meditation tends to help with our focus. It helps in increasing the attention span and hence, leading to better concentration.
  3. Better Breathing
    As you meditate, you breathe slowly while taking in more oxygen. This breathing technique helps the lungs to expand, and function well.
  4. Help Fight Addictions
    People who are taking treatments for alcoholism, drug addiction and other weaknesses are often asked to meditate. This is because meditation helps in controlling the cravings of addictive substances. It redirects attention to other things rather than to addictive substances.
  5. Improves sleep
    A disturbed sleep has various reasons. It can be due to stress, tension, work load, or some medical conditions. However, meditation is proven to be one of the effective ways to have a good night’s sleep. Meditation relaxes the body by releasing the tension, hence, leading to improved sleep.
  6. Decreases Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure is common among older people. Meditation can be useful in controlling blood pressure in people as it relaxes the nerve signals that coordinate heart function. It increases the response and alertness of the body to fight stressful situations without putting a strain on the heart.

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