Six Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Who Love Superheroes and Disney Characters


While Halloween is traditionally a western festival, over the years it has become a global phenomenon, thanks to the internet and pop culture. This year, you and your kids might want to dress up for this spooky occasion on October 31.

Halloween costumes are all about creativity and relevance. Some kids opt to dress up as their favourite movie characters, or superheroes, while some try to dress up as their favourite food items or objects.

Here are some Halloween looks kids can try this year.

Fashion influencer and YouTuber Bretman Rock shared this image of him with his baby nephew dressed up as characters from The Incredibles. Bretman Rock dressed up as Edna and his nephew wore the cute onesie with The Incredibles logo.

Kids can also dress up as Barbie fans as their parents dress up as human size barbie dolls like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Youngsters can also use grown-ups clothes to recreate versions of their favourite movie characters. This look inspired by Zootopia characters can be made at home with the help of a sewing machine. The sheep headdress can be made by re-sewing an old pair of pants that no longer fit.

Another easy costume inspired by Disney movie Ratatouille can be prepared at home with simple stick-and-felt peels as designer Lauren Mancke explains in this post.

Dressing up as superheroes remains one of the popular costume choices for children. Using leftover clothes and a little bit of creativity, costumes for toddlers can be created at home quite easily.

You can also dress thems in a typical witch outfit rocking the Halloween theme. With a broom, a robe, and a pointy witch hat, the look is complete. Also, don’t forget pumpkins and cobwebs for the background.

Which costume are you going to try for Halloween this year?

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