Shingles: The type of rash and duration may be key differences from hives or chickenpox


Chickenpox vs shingles

Unlike a chickenpox rash, the shingles rash is usually confined to a specific area of the body and appears in a single band, rather than spreading indiscriminately.

“It typically happens somewhere on the chest or back,” said Doctor Jones-Lopez, although the head and other parts of the body can sometimes be affected.

“The key thing that distinguishes the shingles rash is that it doesn’t cross the midline. If it spreads across your body, it’s not shingles.”

For example, when there is a rash on the left side of your face but another on the right side of your back, you can probably rule out this illness.

While the main symptoms of both shingles and chickenpox affect the skin, there are a few key differences between the appearance of these common rashes.



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