Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost: Does It Work? (Review)


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After some research, you’ll see that HGH (Human Growth Hormones) plays an important role in our development as humans.

(And having an adequate amount of HGH is essential.)

So, in a predictable fashion, the scourge of the supplement industry, Sculpt Nation jumped on this HGH train and now sells human growth hormone boosters.

Can we trust this product actually boosts your HGH? Let’s take a look.

About the Creator – Sculpt Nation

Sculpt Nation is the brand behind this HGH booster and the company’s on a mission to help men and women sculpt perfect bodies with their supplement line.

Some of their most popular products include:

Co-founded by Vince Sant, the spokesman usually gives us the impression that he’s just a modern-day health and longevity salesman but with the power of the internet (and people’s ignorance).

So we take almost everything he says with a big spoon of salt. But can his HGH Boost prove us wrong?

Let’s find out.

A Closer Look at Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

A closer look at sculpt nation’s hgh boost image

At $49 a bottle, Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost boasts of being an all-natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) boosting supplement.

Here are the main promises for this supplement:

  • Gain strength
  • Boost peak anaerobic power
  • Boost your libido
  • Pack on new, lean, and powerful muscle mass
  • Recover rapidly from your workouts

But the real question is: what the heck is HGH? And can Sculpt Nation actually “boost” it with just a pill?

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What is HGH?

To put it simply, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. Your HGH levels play a crucial role in:

  • Human growth
  • Body composition
  • Cell repair
  • Metabolism function

Low HGH levels have been linked to a decrease in the overall quality of life while increasing the risk of disease and gaining fat.

Also, having optimal levels of HGH is thought to be essential during athletic training, weight loss, or injury recovery.

Human growth hormone undoubtedly plays a key role in our physical development.

But it’s important to know that Sculpt Nation’s HGH boost doesn’t contain a drop of real HGH (natural or synthetic).

So can this supplement really help you lose weight and build muscle by only boosting HGH levels?

We’re skeptical but read on.

Does Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost Work?

Does sculpt nation’s hgh boost work image

We’ll give it to you straight, Sculpt Nation’s HGH boost does contain some ingredients that may temporarily increase human growth hormone levels (we’ll get to that later).

But the dosage used in their HGH boost is too low and probably won’t produce any relevant hormone-increasing effects, or a significant change in body composition.

Their HGH boost only includes a few ingredients (in tiny amounts) that may provide a slight increase in HGH levels.

Let’s dissect the ingredients list below.

Sculpt Nation HGH Boost Ingredients

Sculpt nation hgh boost ingredients image

Tribulus Terrestris Fruit

Tribulus Terrestris may enhance sexual drive and boost libido. But no study shows that Tribulus Terrestris boosts HGH.

L-arginine Hydrochloride

L-arginine is a semi-essential or conditional amino acid produced in the body and thought to improve performance in untrained people.

Some studies [1997, 2006] have shown that consuming arginine without performing any exercise can significantly increase HGH levels. However, L-arginine doesn’t seem to have the same benefits when taken alongside exercise.

In contrast, one study shows that taking 5 g of arginine didn’t increase HGH levels at rest or during training, instead the researchers concluded that L-arginine supplementation in combination with exercise may even impair HGH release.

However, another study observed that HGH levels increased during sleep after participants took about 20 grams of arginine daily for a week.

Even if arginine may be effective, the 150mg dosage used in Sculpt Nation’s HGH boost is many times lower than research study doses.


L-glutamine is another non-essential amino acid with a few potential benefits like helping the immune system, improving gut health, and synthesizing protein. But some people believe that it can help with muscle gain and exercise performance.

A study involved participants taking 5 grams of l-glutamine twice daily for three weeks. The researchers observed a 70% increase in GH levels compared to the placebo group.

Also, another study claims that taking 2 grams of l-glutamine increased the HGH levels in some subjects, but this study doesn’t mention the increase observed.

More research is needed to determine l-glutamine’s effect on gains and performance. Also, you won’t need glutamine supplementation if you’re eating a protein-rich diet.

Plus the HGH boost uses only 140 mg which is probably useless.

L-lysine Hydrochloride

L-lysine is an essential amino that can help you reduce cortisol and fight anxiety in humans.

After some online research, we could only see a small number of suggestions that l-lysine may help boost growth hormone secretion.

But we couldn’t find any credible research where participants were tested to see L-lysine’s effect on HGH.

Gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA)

GABA is a non-protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter that sends signals around the brain.

According to one research, ingesting 3 grams of a GABA supplement increased HGH levels by 400% at rest and 200% during exercise.

Also, GABA may indirectly boost HGH levels by improving your sleep because growth hormone releases at night are linked to sleep depth and quality.

However, researchers [1980, 2008] concluded that GABA’s overall effect and how it works in the body are largely unknown.

The amount of GABA used in those studies ranges from 3g-5g, which is way beyond the 150mg provided per serving in Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost.

BCAAs (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine)

The BCAAs are essential amino acids that have various roles to play in muscle building and maintenance.

However, you won’t need a BCAA supplement if you already eat a healthy diet. And the amount used in the HGH boost is considerably small.

Also, no study shows a direct increase in HGH levels from consuming BCAAs.

L-ornithine Hydrochloride

L-ornithine is an amino acid that has been claimed to support athletic performance, but there’s limited research to back it.

Apparently, one study suggests that l-ornithine ingestion increased growth hormone levels after strength training in untrained men. But this text doesn’t mention how much l-ornithine was used.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride)

Vitamin B6 has a couple of benefits like improving mood, reducing symptoms of depression, promoting brain health, and a few others.

But we don’t see how it can boost your HGH.


Bovine colostrum contains insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 (or IGF-1 and IGF-2). So it’s believed that bovine colostrum supplementation may increase HGH levels.

One study suggests that bovine colostrum supplementation might increase serum IGF-1 levels in athletes after speed and strength training. (Once again, Sculpt Nation underdosed this ingredient compared to the research).


One study observed short-term spikes in HGH levels in participants who ingested glycine (but we only found one study which isn’t enough to conclude).

Even if the research is accurate, Sculpt Nation added only a tiny amount of glycine.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients include gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.

Nutritional Facts: Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

Nutrient Amount Per Serving Daily Value %
Vitamin B6
(as pyridoxine hydrochloride)
20mg 1176%
Tribulus Terrestris fruit 250mg **
L-leucine 150mg **
L-arginine hydrochloride 150mg **
L-glutamine 140mg **
L-lysine hydrochloride 90mg **
Gamma-aminobutyric acid 75mg **
L-isoleucine 60mg **
L-valine 55mg **
L-ornithine hydrochloride 25mg **
Colostrum 25mg **
Glycine 10mg **

**Daily Value (DV) not established

How to Take Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

How to take sculpt nation’s hgh boost image

The suggested use on the HGH Boost label reads:

“As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with a meal.”

All we can tell is that two capsules equal one serving, but we don’t know how much is too much.

Please remember that Sculpt Nation’s HGH boost doesn’t contain actual human growth hormone and it shouldn’t be used for children that have a growth hormone deficiency.

Side Effects of Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

Most of the ingredients in HGH Boost are safe in the right amounts. However, there’s limited research to suggest that this supplement is safe to use long-term.

Healthline notes that more research is needed to determine whether colostrum is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Also, colostrum is from milk which isn’t suitable if you’re lactose intolerant.

Sculpt Nation also warns to avoid HGH Boost if you’re pregnant, nursing, or under 18. Additionally, you shouldn’t take this supplement alongside any other medications.

Where Can You Buy HGH Boost?

Where can you buy hgh boost image

Like most of Sculpt Nation’s supplements, HGH Boost can only be found on their website.

Who knows, maybe retailers don’t like selling Vince Sant’s supplements?

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Pros of Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

Some Ingredients May Boost HGH

A few ingredients in Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost may slightly spike growth hormone levels in your body.

No Proprietary Blend

Not the biggest pro, but at least HGH Boost doesn’t use a proprietary blend and the ingredients and dosages are transparent.


This supplement is certified gluten-free, so you don’t need to worry if you have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

Cons of Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost

Most Likely Ineffective

Although some ingredients may slightly spike your HGH levels, they wouldn’t have any significant effects on building muscles, fat burning, or overall body composition.

Plant Ingredients are Vague

Sculpt Nation did a good job of vaguely describing the ingredients in their product. You’ll mostly see a list of active ingredients, but no details about their sources.

If this supplement is all-natural, then it’s a good idea to tell us which natural ingredients were used. Or we’ll find it hard to believe.

Ridiculously Underdosed

The few HGH-boosting ingredients in this supplement are underdosed. HGH boosters aren’t even effective, but Sculpt Nation practically makes this supplement useless with tiny doses compared to research studies.

No Links to Research

Almost all Sculpt Nation supplements tease you with fake links behind every bold statement they make.

Maybe Sculpt Nation doesn’t add links to their product pages to ensure people have nowhere else to go once they enter.

Claims are Misleading

We understand the need for supplement companies to market their products, but Sculpt Nation takes it too far by making misleading claims.

For example, Sculpt Nation says:

“If You’re Tired of Fighting to Lose a Few Ounces of Fat or Build a Single LB of Muscle: Don’t Worry, Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost is Here to Help You Turn Back Time”.

Who wants to be a millionare? What's the biggest Sculpt Nation red flag?

Here’s Another One:

“HGH BOOST your shortcut to your dream body and dramatically improved performance… you will rapidly gain muscle, lose fat, feel & look better, and re-capture your sexual peak (or your money back).”

It’s obvious Vince Sant doesn’t want to hurt his company’s sales, but he should be worried that people may get hurt from misleading marketing material.

Contains Milk

Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost contains milk, so beware if you’re lactose intolerant.

What are Other Reviews Saying

What are other reviews saying image

There are almost no independent reviews of Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost since it’s only sold on the company’s website.

Popular fitness YouTuber, Sean Nalawanjy commented on this product in one of his videos. Here’s his take:

“The HGH boost won’t increase or sustain GH (Growth Hormone) levels enough to significantly alter body composition”.

Seems pretty cut and dry.

Kyle (Noob Gains founder) has some personal experience trying HGH Boost that reflects a similar opinion:

“I took two capsules per day for about a week and didn’t experience any significant changes in my muscularity, performance, or fat loss. Too bad.”

Is Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost Worth It?

Some ingredients can cause temporary spikes in your HGH levels, but you shouldn’t expect to lose fat or build muscle by taking HGH boosters.

Plus Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost doesn’t even seem like it could slightly spike HGH levels due to the ridiculously low dosages.

Overall, it seems like a waste of money.

Rating: 2.0 out of 5

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How to Boost HGH Naturally

Considering this review pretty much dunked on Sculpt Nation’s HGH Boost, I thought it might be helpful to provide at least a few ways you can still boost your HGH levels, without emptying your wallet.

High-intensity Exercise

Till today, exercise has been among the best ways to naturally increase your HGH levels.

And although all forms of exercise help, studies [1992, 1999] show that high-intensity exercises increase your HGH the most.

But just like HGH-boosting supplements, the increase in HGH levels from exercise is short-lived. However, if your goal is to burn fat and build muscle, then exercise is the way.

Sleep Properly

According to Healthline, the majority of HGH in your body is released during sleep, and getting a good amount is one of the best ways to improve long-term HGH production.

There’s one study suggesting that poor sleep can inhibit the amount of HGH your body produces.

Lose Body Fat

Some researchers suggest that the amount of belly fat you have is directly related to your HGH production.

Another study observed that the 24-hour release of HGH declined in participants who had more abdominal fat. But the participant’s HGH levels returned to normal after losing a significant amount of weight.

Lower Your Sugar Intake

Researchers have linked high insulin levels with Low HGH levels. And according to a 1970 study, healthy people had 3-4 times higher growth hormone levels compared with people who had diabetes.

On a side note:

Excess sugar easily leads to weight gain (which can directly affect your HGH levels).

Try Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is another method that may effectively boost your HGH levels. One study observed an increase in HGH levels after 5 days of intermittent fasting.

There are two other ways Intermittent fasting can positively affect HGH production.

  • Intermittent fasting can help you keep body fat low (high levels of body fat are bad for HGH production).
  • Also, intermittent fasting can help you keep insulin levels low as some studies [1966, 1999] suggest that spikes in insulin can disrupt your body’s growth hormone production.



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