Sculpt Nation Post Workout: Is It Any Good? (Review)


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Proper nutrition before and after a workout is essential to achieving good results from your efforts, leading to the rise of pre and post-workout supplements.

They can be helpful when you use the right supplement at the right time. But can we say the same for Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout with the brand’s track record?

Keep reading to find out.

About the Creator – Sculpt Nation

Sculpt Nation is a supplement company supposedly created at the request of desperate V-shred loyalists looking for better supplements. Their current supplement product includes everything from BCAAs and Pre-Workout to Creatine and Greens.

Vince Sant is the main man behind Sculpt Nation and its brother brand (V-shred). Together, they’ve been growing in popularity over the years, despite the rising criticism surrounding them.

Here are a few milestones they’ve reached in the social media world:

Sculpt Nation

  • Instagram – 292,000 followers
  • Facebook – 3 million followers

Vince Sant

  • Instagram – 1.2 million followers
  • Facebook – 8.5 million followers
  • YouTube – 2.32 million subscribers on YouTube as V-shred

A Closer Look at Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout

A closer look at sculpt nation’s post workout image

For $37 a bottle, Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout is sold as an optimal post-workout nutritional supplement for aiding fat loss, muscle-building, and post-workout muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

Here’s what their Post Workout is promising us:

  • Demolish post-workout inflammation
  • Force-feed your muscles the super nutrients they need for rapid recovery
  • Triple creatine complex for more strength, endurance, and faster recovery between workouts
  • Crush post-workout catabolism
  • For men and women who want to get leaner and stronger

But can Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout actually achieve these goals? Stay tuned as we explain post-workout supplements and how they can help you.

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How It Works: What Is a Post-Workout Supplement, and Do You Need One?

Unlike pre-workout supplements, a post-workout isn’t for boosting exercise performance. Instead, a post-workout supplement is supposed to provide your body and muscles with essential nutrients after training.

Different ingredients may be in post-workout supplements, depending on the desired effects.

Some post-workout uses whey protein because it quickly breaks down and aids in muscle protein synthesis, as well as muscle repair and recovery. Meanwhile, others may use ingredients like beta-alanine, L-carnitine, creatine, etc.

Now, for the question you’ve been waiting for: Do you need a post-workout supplement?

The answer: It depends on whether your body is nutrient deficient, making supplementation necessary to achieve optimal results.

Ingredients In Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout Supplement

Ingredients in sculpt nation’s post workout supplement image

Creatine (Hydrochloride, Monohydrate, Anhydrous)

When it comes to ranking supplements, creatine has to be somewhere right at the top. Creatine has decades of research to back it, and it’s among the most anabolic non-PED supplements you can take.

Here’s how creatine can help you with muscle building:

  • Can increase muscle fiber growth. Studies have shown that creatine supplementation increases muscle fiber growth [1997, 2003].
  • Increases hydration in cells. Creatine increases the water content in muscle cells, which leads to a volumization effect that may aid muscle growth and repair.
  • Increase anabolic hormone. Studies have shown that creatine supplementation can increase levels of IGF-1 hormones in the body [2005, 2008].
  • Reduce myostatin levels. High levels of protein myostatin in the body are assumed to slow down or inhibit the growth of new muscle. However, creatine can reduce these myostatin levels. [2009].
  • Boost workload. Although it may not be relevant for a post-workout supplement, creatine can still help you build muscle by boosting your total workload or volume during a training session. [2000].
  • May increase strength and exercise performance. Creatine can help your body produce more energy in cells, leading to better exercise performance. Studies [2003, 2004] conclude that creatine supplementation effectively increased performance during training.
  • Creatine may also help to reduce protein breakdown.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

L-carnitine is an amino acid that may supposedly help with fat loss, as it helps your body to move more fatty acids into cells so that they can be burned for energy.

However, human studies show mixed results of l-carnitine tartrate’s fat-burning ability.

One study on 38 women who exercised four times a week reported no significant difference in weight loss in participants who supplemented with l-carnitine.

A separate human study observed the fat-burning effects of l-carnitine during prolonged exercise. But l-carnitine supplementation wasn’t shown to increase fat burn.

Even studies [2002, 2005] on rats didn’t find any positive weight loss effect from l-carnitine.

However, one review of nine studies concludes that obese people who supplemented with l-carnitine lost an average of 1.3 kg compared to the placebo groups.

It’s clear more research is needed in this area.

Mineral Complex (Aquamin™)

Intense training is thought to deplete the minerals inside your body, which is probably why this mineral complex was added.

But since it’s a proprietary blend, we don’t know the specific minerals that were added and in what amounts.

NuLiv Proprietary Blend

Nuliv is a proprietary blend containing Astragalus root extract and Tienchi ginseng root extract. From our research, astragalus has some potential health benefits. But it doesn’t seem to aid muscle growth or recovery.

The same goes for Tenchi ginseng root extract. It’s full of antioxidants, but no research suggests a beneficial effect on muscle building.

Actigin Proprietary Blend

Actigin is another proprietary blend containing Tienchi ginseng root extract and Rosa roxburghii fruit extract. As we mentioned earlier, no research has linked Tienchi ginseng root with muscle-building effects.

Also, the Rosa roxburghii fruit extract hasn’t been linked to aiding muscle-building or recovery. However, it may have some antioxidant, antiatherogenic, radioprotective, and antimutagenic effects.

Other Ingredients

The other ingredients in Sculpt Nations Post Workout supplement include citric acid, malic acid, natural flavor, beetroot juice, silicon dioxide, sucralose, and calcium silicate.

Nutritional Facts

Nutrient  Amount Per Serving  %DV
Calcium  30mg 2%
Creatine Hydrochloride 1g **
Creatine Monohydrate  1g **
Creatine Anhydrous  1g **
L-carnitine tartrate 500mg **
Mineral complex (Aquamin™)  250mg **
NuLiv Proprietary Blend 50mg  **
Astragalus root extract 
Tienchi ginseng root extract 
Actigin Proprietary Blend  50mg  **
Tienchi ginseng root extract 
Rosa roxburghii fruit extract

** Daily Value (DV) not established.

How to Take Post Workout by Sculpt Nation

How to take post workout by sculpt nation image

Mix one serving of Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout in water, mix it well, and you’re ready to drink.

According to Sculpt Nation, children and pregnant or nursing women should avoid using this post-workout powder. Also, you shouldn’t think twice about consulting a doctor if you’re taking other medications alongside Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout.

Side Effects of SN’s Post Workout

The main ingredients in Sculpt Nation’s Post Work seem safe for daily consumption.

However, we don’t know the full effects of Tienchi ginseng root extract, Rosa roxburghii fruit extract, Astragalus root extract, and their mineral complex.

For this reason, we advise you to consult a health expert or medical practitioner before using this supplement.

Where Can You Buy Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout?

Where can you buy sculpt nation’s post workout image

At the moment, Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout is sold at only one place – their website. But that’s not a problem if you don’t mind waiting a bit for your package to arrive.

2 Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout Cons

Creatine Works

There’s loads of research to back the benefits of creatine for building lean muscle mass. Also, at 3 grams per serving, the supplement meets the minimum effective dosage for creatine to “work its magic.”

Cheaper Than Some Other Post-Workout Supplements

We’ve seen a couple of pricier post-workout powders on the market. However, the more expensive variants usually contain more ingredients, like BCAAs/EAAs and beta-alanine. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any more effective.

3 Post Workout Cons

L-Carnitine Tartrate May Be Underdosed

According to Healthline, an effective dose of L-carnitine tartrate ranges from 1,000-4,000 mg daily. If this range is accurate, we have to give Sculpt Nation’s post-workout a thumbs down for using only 500mg, which is only half the minimum effective dose.

Effectiveness Is Unclear

Besides creatine, the effectiveness of the other ingredients is extremely unclear.

L-carnitine tartrate’s fat-burning abilities have been questioned by research. Meanwhile, the proprietary blends don’t seem to have any positive muscle-building, post-workout recovery, or fat-burning effect.

3 Proprietary Blends

Proprietary blends are always a turn-off when we see them on supplement labels.

Sculpt Nation Supplement starter pack

What Other Reviews Are Saying

From what we’ve gathered, almost no one has shared their experience with Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout. Also, it’s easy to doubt the integrity of reviews on Sculpt Nation’s website, so we left them out.

Then again, Sculpt Nation doesn’t sell this product anywhere else, so we couldn’t find independent reviews elsewhere, either.

However, Ookles has something to say. According to them, Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout is a decent buy if you’re looking for slight performance boosts.

But they also complain that this supplement:

  • Isn’t the best for muscle recovery
  • Lacks other essential ingredients that can improve the formula
  • Uses only a single serving daily

Is Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout Worth it?

Is sculpt nation’s post workout worth it image

So is Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout worth your time and money? From our perspective, this supplement may not be worth it.

Of all the ingredients in it, only creatine has proven to be effective. L-carnitine shows mixed results. Plus, there isn’t much research to support the ingredients inside the proprietary blend, making us question the effectiveness of Sculpt Nation’s Post Workout.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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