Say Bye To These Food Items To Control Your Blood Pressure


An unhealthy lifestyle, stress and inadequate diet can lead to high blood pressure. The condition is growing rapidly among people. High blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of heart ailments like heart attacks. It can happen to anyone irrespective of age. While most people can control their high blood pressure by making lifestyle changes, others might need medical assistance. Managing stress, doing physical activity, and following the right diet can go a long way in tackling high blood pressure. Your diet plays an important role in maintaining the right blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should know which food items they need to avoid.

Check out the list of food items that you must avoid:

Do not eat sugary food items and soft drinks when you have high blood pressure.

Caffeine present in sugary foods and beverages like ice cream, chocolates, cakes, soft drinks, and coffee can increase your blood pressure. These food items also increase the weight which further can lead to high blood pressure.

Food items like pizza, sandwiches, burgers and other processed foods are rich in sodium. People with high blood pressure should avoid these food items as they contain excessive salt which is a major cause of high blood pressure.

Sweet food items not only increase weight but also lead to high BP. According to a Heart Organization report, women should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day while men can take more than 9 teaspoons of sugar.

With an intake of saturated fat, bad cholesterol increases while good cholesterol declines. This leads to high BP.

Similarly, red meat increases a person’s blood pressure. Beef, lamb, pork and goat meat should be avoided if you suffer from high BP.

(Disclaimer: The content in this article is based on information from several websites/media reports. News18 does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the facts.)

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