Roundup: Cardiac Insight to enter APAC market, China’s Dingdang Health raises $220M and more briefs


US-based Cardiac Insight enters distribution deal to enter APAC market

American medical device maker Cardiac Insight has tapped i.SigNal, the digital health arm of South Korean technology firm Dreamtech, to distribute Cardea SOLO, its single-use wearable ECG patch, and proprietary analysis software system in 23 Asia-Pacific countries.

Cardiac Insight’s ECG patch and analysis software system make up its seven-day ambulatory ECG system that provides rapid, in-clinic automated cardiac analysis and reporting. It is a standalone solution that does not require internet access, cloud computing solutions or third-party outsourcing.

“Our international distribution partnership with i.SigNal by Dreamtech is a key collaboration for Cardiac Insight, combining our first-in-class ECG technology with i.SigNal’s strategic healthcare market focus that will accelerate [the] adoption of the Cardea SOLO System on a global scale,” Cardiac Insight CEO Brad Harlow said in a statement.

“Cardiac Insight’s market-disrupting ECG patch technology delivers compelling value to Korea and Asia-Pacific markets by providing increased productivity to health care systems. It will help physicians improve the detection, diagnosis and treatment of serious cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, that, left untreated, can lead to disabling stroke, heart failure and death,” said Dreamtech CEO Min Kim.

Dreamtech’s i.SigNal secured a medical device license for Cardea SOLO from the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety late last year. It will continue obtaining regulatory approvals and conduct distribution activities in other Asia-Pacific markets.

Dingdang Health to expand online care services after raising $220M

Chinese digital healthcare platform Dingdang Kuaiyao (Dingdang Health) has secured $220 million in the latest financing round led by TPG Capital Asia, OrbiMed and Redview Capital.

In a statement, Yang Wenglong, its founder and chairman, said the company will use the proceeds to offer more services, including medical care, medicine delivery and health insurance.

“Riding on the new trend of online medical care and medication services amid COVID-19, we aim at providing all-encompassing online services catering to various needs including consultation, drug purchase, chronic disease management and psychological consultation through product upgrades and technological innovation,” Yang added.

Last year, the company netted 1 billion yuan or around $150 million in a B+ funding round joined by Softbank China, CMB International and Sinopharm-CICC Capital.

Launched in 2015, Dingdang Health sells medications from manufacturers and physical pharmacies and offers telemedicine services. It also runs its own offline pharmacies in over 10 major cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai.

Digital health startup Alodokter scores fresh funds to develop new products

Indonesian digital health startup Alodokter has raised an undisclosed sum from Telkom Group’s MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures. In a press statement, the company said it will use the proceeds to “continually expand and digitise the healthcare ecosystem as well as develop new products for Alodokter’s platform”.

“The investment from MDI Ventures and Samsung Ventures will be directed to further improve Alodokter’s ecosystem. Key focus areas going forward include technology innovation, increasing the talent pool and adding new features and functionalities. The expansion we carried out is always focused on providing fast, accurate, and reliable consumer experience on the Alodokter platform,” Alodokter Founder and CEO Nathanael Faibis said.

The company received funds from the same investors in a Series C extension round in November last year.

The Alodokter platform connects over 43,000 doctors and 1,500 hospitals and clinics with millions of Indonesian patients. It offers various digital health services, including health content, telemedicine, online hospital bookings, purchase of medicine from online pharmacies and insurance packages.

Achiko connects digital passport service app to saliva-based COVID-19 test 

Swiss mobile telehealth service provider Achiko has integrated its digital passport service app in Indonesia called Teman Sehat to AptameX, its saliva-based COVID-19 diagnostic test.

In a press statement, Achiko said the latest combination of Teman Sehat and AptameX “provides an accurate, low-cost, state of the art digital ecosystem that can schedule COVID-19 testing, receive payments and obtain test results within a few minutes to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19”.

Within 15 minutes, users can receive their AptameX test result via the mobile app in the form of a green health pass should they test negative for the disease. Teman Sehat now has approximately 250,000 users in Indonesia.

The company eyes to potentially protect 2% of Indonesia’s 270 million population “later this year”, testing each of its mobile app users three to five times per month, according to Achiko President Dr Morris S. Berrie.

E-sport league names Hyperice as Official Recovery Tech Partner

The League of Legends Pro League, a professional e-sport league in China, has named Hyperice as its official recovery technology partner this year.

According to a press release, their partnership commenced on 7 June, the first day of the 2021 LPL Summer Split competition. Hyperice is providing game players and their trainers access to its latest line of recovery technology products both during training and match play.

As part of their partnership, Hyperice will design professional physical training and recovery programmes and educate team officials at all levels on the present innovations in recovery technology and wellness solutions to support player health and mobility.

“By bringing Hyperice’s revolutionary recovery technology into LPL play, we expect this partnership to spread more broadly into athlete recovery than traditional sports. By focusing on player health our goal is to extend their professional careers and help to bring their gameplay to the next level,” said Philip So, head of esports and business development at Riot Games China.