Romantic Relationship Going Through Rough Patch, Here Are 5 Ways How You Can Fix It


Whether you are dating someone, currently living with a partner, or are part of a long marriage, you have to experiment, and look for ways to better the relationship you have. With the daily grind of responsibilities and frayed nerves, dealing with partner or relationship problems falls at the bottom of your list. People feel easier to avoid facing the stalling relationship or eroded intimacy issues. How to fix it? Here are five tips which can help you in keeping your paradise happy.

Take a breathing room

It sounds counterintuitive to improve your relationship, but taking a break from your partner might help you revive your relationship. Everyone needs their own space and quality time outside a relationship, everyone deserves that breathing room. Individuals need time on their own for personal growth and feed their independence while being in the confines of a relationship.

Be Vulnerable

It is important to talk about your vulnerabilities with your partner. Couples may find it surprising, but if each one becomes curious about their spots, discovers them, and then are courageous enough to share that vulnerability, it can help create deeper intimacy in the relationship.

Little Things Matter

Small gestures and gifts keep the spark alive in a relationship. It is a way to remind your partner that you are thinking about them. Happy couples are always kind to each other, giving or volunteering to help out is just an add on. Acts of kindness are powerful, and those that are unplanned tend to fuel the overall well-being.

Listen, accept, and communicate

It is very important to patiently listen to what the other person is saying. Next, accept it and communicate your side of the story or opinion transparently about it. Usually people don’t listen to understand, they listen to react and that brings negativity. One must be present emotionally, mentally, and physically to avoid misunderstanding.

Take Therapy Together

If you and your partner have some sort of tension that according to you is beyond repair, it’s better to take help before it’s too late. By help we mean, therapy – couple therapy sessions. It is completely normal and you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. At times a third person’s perspective (expert) can bring more clarity to your relationship. Therapists are on no one’s side and they give balanced opinions and suggestions.

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