Rice Absorbs More Arsenic From Soil Than Any Other Grain. Here’s How You Purify It


Millions of people all over the world survive on two handfuls of rice per day. But what if you get to know that your beloved rice contains something toxic that is undeniably bad for your health? Any information like this is sure to devastate the millions, who have been sustaining on rice habitually.

According to scientific research, mass-produced rice contains pesticides, phosphate national fertilizers, and industrial wastes which are constantly mixed in the soil. As a result, arsenic pollution is constantly increasing. When the irrigation water is fetched from the soil, arsenic gets added to the water. Arsenic also gets added to rice from the soil itself.

Various studies and research show that rice as grain absorbs a greater amount of arsenic from soil and water compared to any other grain. As a result, rice can be contaminated directly. Moreover, numerous pesticides are mixed in rice even when the refining process is going on.

Arsenic contamination is the cause of different types of cancers, lung diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes and therefore it’s a matter of concern for millions of people, who eat rice every day.

Is there a way to purify this poisonous rice? Scientists say one certainly can purify rice to a great extent. After the rice is washed thoroughly, it should be soaked in water for 25 minutes. This will lead to the loosening of the chemical coating that is present on the rice. After that, you should wash the soaked rice three or four times and throw the water away. By doing this, you can purify the rice by 80%.

You have to boil the rice and make sure it is completely drained before eating it.

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