Queen Elizabeth II: The royal’s secret to good health appears to be brain activities


Bryan Kozlowski, a British culturalist has released the book Long Live the Queen. The book explores elements of the Queen’s daily lifestyle including what she eats, her work schedule, leisure time and how she balances familial and professional relationships. By doing so he identifies the secrets to the monarch’s good health.

Surprisingly, one of the main ways Kozlowski reveals the Queen stays healthy is through “mental habits.” It is through having a good mental attitude that also influences her physical health too.

As Kozlowski states, each day the Queen receives the large red box full of paperwork – from Parliamentary reports to intelligence documents. In addition she keeps on top of the latest news and political activities, reading the newspapers each morning over breakfast. This allows her to keep her brain active, something that all those getting older should be doing.

Of course there is no denying that her majesty has a realm of people behind her, supporting her in this work and signing paperwork on her behalf. But it is the consistency of doing this each day that is key.

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