Pieces every Woman Should Have in Their Collection


Every culture has a claim to fame in the jewellery industry, but India’s association with jewellery is relatively deep. From its famed gem hubs, such as Jaipur, which cut several of the diamonds and coloured gems in our ornaments, to the prominence of jewellery in Indian culture. It’s more than simply an accessory.

Jewellery is among a woman’s most cherished belongings. Whether it is safely stored in bank vaults or in a house safe, Indian women have long had a sweet spot for gems. Women use jewellery to emphasise their femininity. Here we have a list of some must-have jewellery pieces that every woman must have in their collection. So, let’s dig into it.

Bib Necklace

A bib necklace, as the name indicates, is shaped like a baby’s bib and hangs below the collarbone in a circular or triangular pattern. It’s a dramatic piece of jewellery with cascading stones, enamel, gems, pearls, or beads sculpted with metals, Gold, or Silver. This style of necklace is quite fashionable right now, and if you want to stash back your winter scarves and still have some adornment on the front of your blouse, bib necklaces are ideal.

Floral accessories

While floral motif jewellery isn’t really new, owing to exquisite modern design and workmanship, it has become quite a trend in marriage ceremonies like sangeet and mehendi and is here to stay.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are generally designed to draw the spotlight to a huge colourful gemstone surrounded by tiny diamonds. These rings initially gained popularity in the 1920s, when females were finally allowed to express their distinctive style without being judged. Cocktail rings are often ornate items worn by women during formal and casual events.

Traditional Designs

Another trend to keep an eye out for this year is the resurgence of traditional features in jewellery. With all of these new sophisticated trends capturing everyone’s attention, individuals want to make sure they don’t lose sight of their conventional style and preferences. Traditional statement jewellery will remind jewellery enthusiasts of their rich culture while also making them look their finest with their ethnicity coming through. These vintage jewellery pieces may be worn with heavy ethnic costumes to rule the celebratory scene.

Pearl Necklace

You won’t disagree with us that pearls are no longer only for grandmothers. Pearls have been adored for ages, and they have served as the ultimate royalty option for hundreds of years. However, they were primarily worn by elderly women who wished to seem sophisticated and classy all the time. But what about now? Everyone may wear and style them in their own unique way! Pearls have never fallen out of fashion, and they will continue to dominate jewellery stores and the digital jewellery industry this year.

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