Perform These Surya Namaskar Asanas to Strengthen Body and Mind


Yoga is said to be a complete exercise that not only helps in strengthening your body but helps your mind heal and work properly. It is believed that by doing yoga daily, one can stay away from a lot of diseases. Not just this, yoga is also said to be beneficial in aiding the weight loss process and giving you the body of your dreams. There are various yoga asanas that can be performed daily to get the maximum benefit of physical activity. One such asana is Surya Namaskar. This is a form of asana in which one greets the rising sun by folding hands. Let’s learn more about Surya Namaskar, its benefits and ways of performing the asana for maximum benefits.

First, start by doing a warm-up. The warm-up helps in opening up the body so that no injury can be caused while performing the exercises. You can do warm-up by opting for stretching of arms, neck and legs.

Ways to do Surya Namaskar and its benefits

One can perform Surya Namaskar in a number of ways to get the maximum benefits. It can be clubbed in various asanas to have an effective yoga session.


This is the simplest way of Pranamasana. First, stand straight with your feet close. Now, fold your hands in a way you are doing ‘Namaste’. Hold the position by meditating with closed eyes for at least a minute. This asana is said to enhance the concentration level and helps you relax your mind.

Hasta Uttanasana

Hasta UIttanasana is said to open up the chest and stretch the arms. To perform the asana, one should start by standing straight in the position of Pranamasana. Then, slowly stretch your body to the back as if you are falling behind. Hold the position as long as you can and then, come back to the centre. Repeat 8 to 10 times.


Padahastasana is said to be a level up asana for beginners. In this, one tries to bend forward and touch their touch by keeping their knee intact. You have to hold the position for a few minutes. You will feel the pain in your thighs while doing this asana. It helps in relieving digestive issues and tones the spinal nerves.

Ashwa Sanchalanasana

In this asana, you take your one leg behind and position the knee to the floor whereas taking support of the bent knee of the other leg by bringing it forward. Balance your body by pressing your palms on the floor. The asana is also known as the balancing posture and is known to be very good for stretching the lower back and hips.

Chaturanga Dandasana

While exhaling, keep both your arms and legs straight and in the same line. After this, come to the position of doing push-ups. Hold the position for a few minutes. The asana is known to strengthen the arms and shoulders along with the legs.

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