People Take Selfies Near Volcanic Eruption, Internet Calls Them Stupid


Natural disasters aren’t anything new to mankind. They have been happening for several and all we can do is rebuild after. But acting smartly while experiencing a natural disaster is important to save lives and reduce collateral damage.

However, some people aren’t intelligent enough to do so and are rather spellbound by the massive disaster happening around them. One such video of people watching a volcanic eruption from a close distance instead of running away has gone viral on Instagram.

A video showing tourists taking selfies and videos while a volcanic eruption happens has been posted by the popular Instagram handle Viral Hog. The video which has gone viral with more than 54,000 views and over 7,000 likes, shows people capturing the moment of the volcanic eruption and then watching it as if it is rather beautiful than dangerous. The foolishness of the people was called in the comments of the video.

“That seems a little too close for comfort,” read the caption. The video’s comments section features people who called the crowd out for their idiotic behaviour of not being at a safe distance from the volcanic eruption. A user wrote, “It is a volcano for god sake!” Another wrote, “Some people are still sitting, never mind standing there, or running! Natural selection is trying hard here.”

While the eruption was a relatively small one, if you are ever near it, the more intelligent thing to do is run in the opposite direction. The reason behind this is that when a volcano erupts, you never know how far the molten rocks may fly and the lava flows after.

It is important to note that according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), volcanic eruptions release a significant amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen halides and more such harmful gases that can cause damage to human health. Therefore, even if the eruption is comparatively small, staying close to it for a prolonged period may cause health issues later.

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