Paris Fashion Week Is The Perfect Opportunity To Expand Our Markets Globally, Says Chhavvi Aggarwal


Fashion designer Chhavvi Aggarwal and (right) a sketch from her collection Antheia.

Fashion designer Chhavvi Aggarwal will be making her Paris Fashion Week debut on October 1, 2023

Fashion designer Chhavvi Aggarwal will be making her Paris Fashion Week debut this year with his collection Antheia. Ecstatic to be a part of this global celebration of style and creativity, Chhavvi will be presenting the Autumn/Winter collection at La Galerie Bourbon, which is right next to the iconic Louvre.

A creative journey that took four months from planning to finish, Chhavvi will be showcasing 10 garments including lehengas, sarees, gowns and flowy silhouettes crafted in fabrics such as satin, net and georgette. “The USP of our brand has been to amalgamate Indian embroideries and western silhouettes. The same will be seen in our collection at Paris Fashion Week. The silhouettes have a modern touch and feature surface embroideries including beadwork, zardosi and other Indian embroideries,” says Chhavvi Aggarwal.

Chhavvi Aggarwal has always aimed to pioneer trends, redefine fashion, and provide discerning customers with an unparalleled experience.

“Paris is the fashion capital of the world and the city itself is a great venue to showcase your designs,” expresses Chhavvi Aggarwal. When asked about the inspiration behind the decision to showcase at Paris Fashion Week, Chhavvi Aggarwal said, “Our brand has always had global aesthetics in our design philosophy and showcasing at Paris Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to expand our markets globally and also increase our brand presence in the international market.”

The collection is inspired by the Greek Goddess of nature Antheia. The colour palette is very rich keeping the theme in mind, consisting of jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, and nude.

Connecting the best of Indian crafts and contemporary silhouettes, the collection which is inspired by the Greek Goddess of Flower and nature – Antheia, will be brought to life with surface ornamentation and 3D embroideries. “We are showcasing our Paris Fashion Week collection called Antheia. It is inspired by the Greek God of nature. The floral motifs and embroidery patterns are inspired by the same. The colour palette is green, reds and nudes. The collection shows the perfect amalgamation of modern silhouettes and Indian embroideries which is what the brand stands for,” says Chhavvi Aggarwal.

Chhavi’s Paris Fashion Week collection incorporates these elements and transcends it in the form of surface ornamentation and 3D embroideries.

Celebrating her roots and elated to showcase on an international platform, Chhavvi is looking forward to the show which will be held on October 1. “We are looking forward to our show and the response everyone has to our collection in Paris and back home in India. I would also like to meet designers who come down from different parts of the world. It would be great to interact with them as well,” adds Chhavvi.



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