Pain and Sorrow are Not Same


We evaluate happiness with so many things. We search for it. Sometimes we become adamant that a particular thing is necessary to make us happy and other options are meaningless.

A friend had a toothache. He went to the doctor and took the medicine. But he kept saying, “I will be happy once this pain goes away.” I humbly asked him, “Were you happy when you didn’t have toothache?”

Similarly, another friend was bitten by a dog. He said, “Had the dog bitten somewhere else, it would have been better!”

Here’s an excellent short story about being happy. Once a king went to a saint and said, “I have everything but there’s no happiness.” The saint said, “It is not difficult to be happy. But you have to get it now. If there is any happiness, it is in this moment. You have to be happy now.”

In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas are making efforts but it is lord Krishna who is trying to make their minds tender and happy. The Pandavas are powerful, but Krishna is trying to make them understand the meaning of true pleasure. Pain is related to the body, while sorrow is related to the mind. We must understand them separately. Pain and sorrow are not the one. Injury in leg may give pain, but not sorrow. Similarly, someone’s taunts may give us sorrow but not pain!

Understanding this difference will help us in getting out of mental crises.

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