On World Asteroid Day 2021, A Look At Some Sci-fi Movies Based On Asteroid


June 30 is annually observed as World Asteroid Day (a worldwide campaign to protect Earth from asteroids). Also known as the International Asteroid Day, this UN-sanctioned global awareness day came into being to commemorate the anniversary of the Siberian Tunguska disaster in 1908.

That asteroids play a crucial role in the creation of our universe and are keys to future exploration, have been discovered by astrophysicists/researchers over years of studies, and in-depth examination. Owing to the asteroid’s critical and mysterious presence, it has been the object of great fascination and intrigue.

As a result there have been several mind-blowing, brilliant movies made that revolve around these space rocks, where they are seen as menacing, Earth-threatening.

On World Asteroid Day 2021, as the world celebrates this unique day, here are few famous movies made on asteroids that would be fun to watch:

Deep Impact (1998): This sci-fi movie’s plot weaves around an impending comet strike that has the potential to erase life from the planet. It shows how the world dedicates itself in the preparation of an alternative way to save species and destroy the 11 km wide comet.This was deemed as a more scientifically accurate asteroid movie by astronomers.

Armageddon(1998): Few months later a movie similar to Deep Impact was released, named Armageddon that went on to become immensely popular. It showed earth at the verge of facing extinction level impact, after the Space Shuttle Atlantis gets devastated by meteor shower.

Meteor(1979): This Sean Connery starrer sci-fi movie was based on scientists gearing up to save Earth from collision by the asteroid that is speedily traveling. The movie was inspired by the MIT report Project Icarus.

Asteroid(1997): It’s quite an enjoyable asteroid movie that has the US government trying to dodge an asteroid hit. The movie’s subtitle read The End of the World is Just Beginning. It won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

Night of the comet (1984): This was an American sci-fi comedy horror film with the premise of Earth nearing the tail of a comet. The movie went on to create a massive cult following.

Other than the above-mentioned movies, asteroid movies that are worth watching include The Day the Sky Exploded, Ice Age Collision Course, Seeking A Friend for the End of the World, Home Threatened, Without Warning, Post Impact, Meteor Apocalypse.

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