Nicole Delosreyes TikTok Aka Nicole Delos Reyes Controversial Shirt Inside Disney

Nicole DeLosReyes (@nicole.delosreyes), a 21-year-old TikTok user, captured the moment she said a Disney employee told her she couldn’t enter the park in the attire she was wearing.

Commenters were surprised that DeLosReyes was not given a free Disney shirt, as has purportedly occurred to other people who were dressed as per code at the park, according to TikTok footage.

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On Disney’s website, it’s unclear whether park visitors who are dress-coded will receive a free shirt, and the dress code itself is hazy. If it was a policy, it’s unclear whether “so many people” dressed poorly “to obtain a free t-shirt” that Disney had to change how it dealt with dress-coded visitors.

DeLosReyes later clarified that she didn’t wear the shirt on purpose; she simply liked it.

Nicole Delosreyes Age- How Old Is She?

Nicole Delosreyes’s age is indicated to be 21 years old as per different websites. However, her exact date of birth is not disclosed. 

After TikTok users disclosed last year that cast members sometimes offered retail vouchers to pay the cost of new Disney-themed shirts, a few commenters were accused. DeLosReyes of purposely breaking the dress code in order to acquire a free shirt.

DeLosReyes showed her followers that she was wearing a white knot-front shirt in the seven-second footage. More than 7.9 million people have seen the video, with 1.2 million likes and 4,240 comments.

The video’s commenters were split on whether it was appropriate to send individuals away because of clothing. Some people claimed that the shirt was improper for a location containing children, while others saw nothing wrong with DeLosReyes’ choice of clothing.

Nicole Delosreyes Viral Video- Watch On Twitter and Reddit

Since then, a few videos have gone viral, with different Guests receiving free shirts for wearing apparel that Walt Disney World Resort Cast members judged unacceptable.

Disney’s approach, though, appears to have changed recently. Nicole DeLosReyes, a TikTok user, showed herself walking away from EPCOT after being turned admitted for wearing a tie-front shirt in a viral video from earlier this month.

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Fans claim that Walt Disney World has tightened down on handing away free shirts to stop the trend by telling her to either buy her own replacement or change.

Another Guest had the same experience last week. @erinbill678 of TikTok posted a video of herself dancing at Walt Disney World in a pink halter-style top with a tie in the back, with the words “Pov: Disney dress coded you” overtop the video.