National Postal Worker Day 2022: History and Significance


NATIONAL POSTAL WORKER DAY 2022: National Postal Worker Day is observed on July 1. The day celebrates the efforts of people working in the postal service department. In the past decades, it had been observed that communication was hugely dependent on postal workers. Unlike now, individuals used to communicate via letters.

National Postal Worker Day: History

The history of National Postal Worker Day dates back to the year 1997. The day was first commemorated by a Seattle-area postal carrier to honour his fellow employees. Since then, the day was designated in order to honour people who work in postal services all over the world.

National Postal Worker Day: Significance

Like most of the industries in the world, postal services also had an impact because of the advent of modern technology. But it is far more than what technology can provide at this point in time. Regardless of the areas of service, towns or cities, postal service is important for seamless communication and trusted delivery.

With the ease of modern technology, there also comes malware including risks, important and confidential information that can not be shared on a platform where literally half the world is present.

The postal service includes everyone working in it. Clerks, pick up people, delivery partners and even the drivers of mail/package carrying vehicles are very much a part of postal services.

From picking up the packages to delivering to our doorstep on time, the postal department keeps an eye on all the details. The day is observed in order to felicitate and acknowledge the greatness of the service they offer. Since mostly it’s an outdoor job, these people also have to come across harsh climates such as rain, heatwaves and blizzards.

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