Nanox and USARD expand their radiology diagnostic partnership; Sera Prognostics and Anthem launch a neonatal outcomes study; and more digital health deals


Medical imaging company Nanox and USARD Holdings, a teleradiology service provider, have expanded their strategic collaboration agreement to offer radiology diagnostic services to healthcare stakeholders, including insurance companies, outpatient imaging centers and others.

“This collaboration between Nanox and USARAD on advanced diagnostics has the potential to transform the quality of healthcare, decrease costs, introduce new key value metrics and, most importantly, save countless lives worldwide,” said Dr. Michael Yuz, the CEO and founder of USARAD, in a statement.

The program will focus on three categories at launch: population health screening for conditions such as coronary arterial disease, stroke prevention and osteoporosis; post-acute triage for urgent conditions such as pneumothorax, acute fractures and pneumonia; and peer review and quality assurance cases for conditions such as lung nodules, tumors and incidental vertebral compression fractures.

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Through partnerships with other health companies such as Zebra Medical, AIDOC and QUREAI, the program plans on deploying over 20 FDA 510(k)-cleared AI solutions.

Nanox aims for this program to become an integral part of its service offering, subject to FDA 510(k) clearance of the Nanox.ARC system, it said in a statement.

Pregnancy biotech company Sera Prognostics has teamed up with Anthem and its HealthCore subsidiary to conduct a randomized controlled trial examining the effectiveness of Sera’s PreTRM test in mitigating risk, improving neonatal outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs.

Called the Prematurity Risk Assessment Combined with Clinical Interventions for Improved Neonatal OutcoMEs or PRIME, the study aims to provide a blueprint for how the healthcare industry can more effectively identify and manage high-risk pregnancies and reduce preterm birth. It also will give payers data to assess the value of providing treatment options to members to improve birth outcomes.

“The effects of preterm birth on mothers, babies, employers and communities are devastating,” said Marcus Wilson, Anthem’s chief analytics officer, in a statement. “We’re hoping clinicians can use information generated by the completed study to implement the test and associated clinical interventions in their practices to improve outcomes and lower costs.”

Through a new partnership with Redox, health device-maker Withings’ remote patient monitoring solution, MED·PRO CARE will become compatible with nearly all EHRs used by physicians and hospitals, MedCity News reported.

Further, the partnership will give clinicians the option to order and ship Withings’ products directly to their patients within their EHRs, and the data collected on the devices will automatically integrate into their patient records.

Withings offers a range of connected healthcare products, including smart scales, wireless blood pressure monitors, health tracking wearables and contactless thermometers.

Innovators in the kidney care space, Renalytix AI and DaVita are together offering their services through a risk-assessing and care-management program for patients with early-stage kidney disease.

The program hopes to enable early intervention by utilizing Renalytix’s risk-assessment KidneyIntelX in vitro diagnostic platform to calculate a patient’s risk for progressive decline in kidney function or kidney failure. From there, intermediate- and high-risk patients will receive care management support through DaVita’s integrated kidney care program, which is comprised of a coordinated care team, practical digital health tools, patient education tools and more.

“This is the first clinical-grade program that delivers advanced early-stage prognosis and risk stratification, combined with actionable care management right to the primary care level where the majority of kidney disease patients are being seen,” said James McCullough, the Renalytix AI CEO, in a statement. “Making fundamental change in kidney disease health economics and outcomes must begin with providing a clear, actionable understanding of disease progression risk.”

Members of Anytime Fitness UK now have access to Lumen’s metabolic data-tracking breathalyzer that can help users in their health decision-making.

“Anytime Fitness UK is at the forefront of accessible fitness and our partnership is launched at a crucial time where we can positively impact the lives of its members in a health-focused framework,” said Daniel Tal, the CEO of Lumen, in a statement. “People in the U.K. have been given a wake-up call in regards to their health, and we’re looking forward to supporting the ongoing efforts of the government in keeping UK adults healthy.”

The Lumen device measures users’ metabolism through the CO2 concentration in a single breath. With the information provided by Lumen, users can see if their body is using fats or carbs, and then get insights into their fitness and nutrition through the connected app.




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