Monsoon DIYs with Rosewater


Raindrops, the refreshing fragrance of wet soil and those delish pakoras, monsoon is a season to celebrate. However, such romance is always accompanied by humidity making our skin and hair feel dull. Phew! All good things come with certain dampeners, don’t they?

Hair becomes frizzy and on top of it, moisture causes dandruff to rear its ugly head. Not to forget our friends with oily skin, monsoon can be a nightmare for them. Such weather conditions can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and fungus leading to skin allergies, redness and itchiness.

Well, what is the solution then? Rosewater!

Yes, rosewater has numerous benefits and is not only recommended to use during summer but monsoon as well. When sprayed on your face, it helps remove stickiness and can also help prevent skin irritations and acne (which appears frequently during monsoon due to bacteria). Rose water helps in providing shine and bounce to the hair.

Check out these easy monsoon DIYs for your hair and skin by Ruchita Acharya, beauty expert and founder, Glow and Green.

Oatmeal and Rosewater Facepack

Oatmeal cleans and nourishes the skin and helps reduce acne, stickiness, itchiness and inflammation. Rose water on the other hand helps in controlling excess oil, regenerates skin tissues and moisturizes the skin.

tbsp rose water, 2.1 tbsp honey, 3.1 tbsp curd, 4.3 tbsp oatmeal

How to use
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and stir to make a paste
Apply the paste evenly on your skin and scrub it for 10 mins
Leave the mask for half an hour
Wash with luke warm water

Note: Use the mask twice a week for better results

Rose and Lemon hairspray

This hairspray helps with bad hair odour due to humidity, rose water helps provide shine, softens the hair, reduces frizz and lemon on the other hand helps reduce dandruff.

½ cup rose water, 2 tbsp lemon juice

How to use
Add lemon juice and rose water to a mug of normal water
Use this as a last rinse after washing your hair

Grandma’s recipe

Helps to get radiant skin this monsoon, controls excess sebum production, prevents bacteria, deals with dull skin and helps reduce puffiness

1teaspoon gram flour, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, ½ teaspoon turmeric, few drops of rose water

How to apply
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make a paste
Add few drops of the rose water to the paste
Apply the paste on your face
Leave it for 20 mins and rinse it with cold water
Suitable for all skin types

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