Monkeypox ‘must be eliminated to stop it becoming endemic’, experts warn


As of Monday, there have been 1,735 confirmed cases in the UK in the outbreak – 96 per cent in England – according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). It is thought that cases are doubling every 15 days.

Without more support to tackle the spread, other sexual health services are suffering, it is claimed.

Nine organisations have demanded that the Government, the UKHSA and NHS England step in to stop the spread of the virus.

The British Association of Sexual Health & HIV, the Association of Directors of Public Health and the Terrence Higgins Trust are among those calling for £51million to control the outbreak and boost vaccination.

Certain groups are being offered the smallpox vaccine to stem the spread.

Dr Claire Dewsnap, president of British Association of Sexual Health & HIV, said: “We have now reached a critical point in our ability to control its spread.

“Already-stretched sexual health services are buckling under additional pressures. This has left us on the precipice of a fresh public health crisis.”

Jim McManus, presi- dent of the Association of Directors of Public Health, added: “We must eliminate this outbreak. If it becomes endemic in any part of our population it will cost hundreds of times more in pain, misery, harm and avoidable cost than eliminating it.”

The majority of cases of monkeypox are among gay and bisexual men. Experts say without action the virus could spread to people more vulnerable to the infection.



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