Maven releases digital parenting and pediatrics tool


The women’s digital health platform Maven has expanded into a broader family-care space with the release of its parenting and pediatrics product.

The product, which was announced at the HLTH 2020 virtual conference on Wednesday, is an integrated family health platform with specialized pediatric care support that intends to improve behavioral and clinical outcomes for both parents and children.

With the addition of this product, Maven now has services ranging from family planning to parenting support tools for adolescents.


There are three main features to the product, including on-demand access to family care providers, daily curriculum recommendations and childcare support.

Users will have access to a range of providers, from parenting coaches to special education advocates to occupational therapists. These providers will be available for free through video calls or for messaging at any time of the day.

The platform also designed a set of family health-focused curriculum. It includes quick-hit daily lessons as well as talking tips for parents to help educate their kids on topics like nightmares, racism and the election.

To help parents meet the new parenting challenges presented during the pandemic, Maven included a childcare finder in its platform. Parents can search for daycare, babysitters, tutors and more depending on their needs.


The pandemic has had a massive impact on the lives of working parents. In fact, 40% of working parents made changes in their careers as a result of the pandemic, according to a survey from FlexJobs. Of that group, 25% said they voluntarily cut back on their work hours and 15% quit their job entirely.

The impact has not been felt equally, however. The FlexJobs survey found that 63% of working mothers primarily handle childcare duties, while 42% of working fathers said the same.

To help manage the newfound duty of working from home while providing childcare, 22% of respondents said they would need to work from home permanently, 7% said one parent would have to quit their job and 21% said they would need to pay for more childcare services.

Maven, which originally focused on fertility, maternity, return-to-work and pediatric care, has been working on expanding to family care more broadly for some time now. Early this year, it raised  $45 million in a Series C funding round.

Following that, the company purchased the parent-child relationship app Bright Parenting for an undisclosed sum with the intention to integrate the app into its parenting and pediatrics product. In August, as schools began to reopen, Maven also released a back-to-school risk assessment tool.


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