Looking For A Natural Floor Cleaner? Try This DIY Home-made Mixture


People rely on different products to clean their houses.

All you need is to mix certain common ingredients with water to prepare a natural floor cleaner at your home.

Home and kitchen cleaning ingredients are a must if you wish to keep your house clean. People rely on different products like dishwashing soap, detergent, room spray, and floor cleaners to keep the floors and walls of their homes spick and span. What if you run out of floor cleaners on your cleaning day? Either you rush to a nearby store or order online, but both will result in a delay. Well, we have a better solution for you. Walk some steps to your kitchen and pick some everyday ingredients. All you need is to mix these ingredients with water to prepare a natural floor cleaner for your home. Wondering which ingredients should be added to make a homemade floor cleaner? Read on.

Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar offers disinfecting properties and contains a high amount of acetic acid, which helps in breaking and cleaning grease and dirt. Ensure that you are not using it undiluted on the floors of your house as the acidic content can harm your body, and even the floors.

Dish Wash Soap

It is a mild and neutral cleaner, thereby making it a safe ingredient for almost all surfaces. The dishwasher soaps can also remove dirt and grease and can be a great ingredient if not overused. Keep in mind to not use dish soap with bleach or added oils.

Rubbing Alcohol

A good cleaner and disinfectant, rubbing alcohol is needed for a mopping solution as it aids in drying the floor faster and leaves no streaks on the floor. Use rubbing alcohol if you don’t want to rinse your floor.

Essential Oils

If you’re a fan of fragrance and don’t mind walking the extra mile to add a good scent to your house, using essential oils is the best option. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to create a custom scent.

Here’s How To Make Natural Floor Cleaner At Home:

To make a natural floor cleaner, add the following ingredients to 1 gallon of warm water:

1 cup of white distilled vinegar

½ cup of 70% rubbing alcohol

¼ teaspoon of dishwash soap

15 drops of preferred essential oils

Add the ingredients and the water to a bucket. Now, to begin the cleaning process, dampen your mop head with the solution. Mop your floors with the same and be ready to see surprising results.



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