Look After Your Eyes This Winter with the Inclusion of These Top 5 Seasonal Foods


Eyeing for some nutritious, seasonal food to particularly nurture your eye health this winter? Well, you’ve already earned yourself brownie points for heading towards the right direction. Key to healthy living is always the right balance of the diet.

While winter is generally a time when we tend to experience dry, itchy eyes due to the drop in temperature and low humidity; we can always compensate the external inconveniences by adequately supplying nutrition to the body and ensuring that our eyes derive proper lubrication, hydration.

Include the following seasonal foods and get excellent vision with the intake of these foods and ensure your eye’s well-being:

1. Carrots: Infused with the goodness of nature, carrot is brimming with beta carotene, vitamin A. An excellent source of rhodopsin, carrots provide ample nourishment to the eye. It is good for the retina.

 2. Citrus fruits: Seasonal fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapes, amla- loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants are amazing for combating age-related eye issues. They keep you hydrated, lower oxidative stress in eyes, moisturize eye from within, lubricate the tissues, strengthen ocular blood vessels and look after the eye in a wholesome way.

3. Sweet potato: Another beta-carotene and vitamin A rich seasonal vegetable that is a popular winter produce is sweet potato. You can include this healthy, tasty food, get rid of eye dryness and enhance vision.

4. Leafy, greens: Spinach, kale, collards are great seasonal leafy green vegetables that have lutein, zeaxanthin which ensure eye well-being in totality. Collards are a great source of vitamin B, C, K. Spinach has the magical ability to prevent optic nerve degeneration as it is a great source of folic acid. Optometrists often prescribe sufficient intake of spinach. Kale lowers the risk of cataract and AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration).

5. Beetroot: It is known to improve eye condition to a great extent due to the presence of the adequate amount of phytochemicals in it. Again a superb source of lutein, antioxidants, beets shield eye from AMD.

Make the most of these winter supplies and give your eye the much-needed nourishment.



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