Longevica raises $2.5M for longevity and healthy aging research platform


Life science company Longevica has raised $2.5 million in a funding round led by Xploration Capital for a research platform aimed at healthier aging and life extension.

The new round brings its total raise to $15.5 million, according to Crunchbase


Founded more than 11 years ago, Longevica has focused on studying the long-term effects of pharmacological compounds on the lifespans of female mice. 

In April, it announced plans to launch a line of supplements and other health products. 


The infusion of capital will support an open research tool allowing scientists to test drugs aimed at increasing longevity and access Longevica’s dataset tracking more than a thousand pharmacological compounds.

The company plans to launch the platform next year. 

“If you want to understand biological aging, you must first disrupt a costly, bureaucratic and siloed research model with a nimble, open ecosystem that vastly increases the volume of research and pace of discovery,” cofounder and CEO Ainar Abdrakhmanov said in a statement.

“Our end-to-end platform will reduce barriers, foster collaboration and experiment-data collection and analysis within the ecosystem, and provide a complete functional solution that safely and efficiently moves the benefits of life extension scientific research into the hands of consumers.”


As the U.S. population ages and more older people want to stay in their homes, healthier aging and senior care tools are growing sectors in digital health. 

Another company focused on healthy aging is Modern Age, which raised $27 million in late October for digital tools that aim to improve skin, bone, metabolic, hormone, mental and nutritional health over time. 

Humanity touts an app that claims to slow aging by tracking movement, nutrition, mental health and sleep data, and using that information to provide recommendations. 



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