Lesser-Known Benefits of Hibiscus Tea You Probably Had Little Idea About


Hibiscus has gained a lot of recognition for its extract.

Hibiscus tea helps to have healthy skin and strong hair.

Flowers have been connected with skin health for the longest time, however, unlike what is widely known to most, flower extracts are not just useful when used directly on the body. Many flowers such as jasmine, hibiscus etc. have medicinal and skin-clearing properties which produce the best results when consumed in the form of tea. The way to make this tea is to boil a few dried hibiscus petals in warm water, and season them with cloves and cardamom for a stronger taste.

Over the past few years, hibiscus has gained a lot of recognition for its extract. It not only detoxifies your body but also improves the lustre of your skin by increasing the supply of collagen. Consuming hibiscus tea increases the flow of blood in the veins, which ensures a youthful appearance.

Hibiscus contains antioxidants like Vitamin B and beta carotene, which prevents the skin from accumulating toxins. A high percentage of amino acids lend strength and vitality to the roots of your hair. Regular consumption of a cup of hibiscus tea endows the drinker with thick and lustrous hair.

In case you’re suffering from a bad case of dandruff, then it’s useful to use hibiscus tea in your hair, which cleans out all the dry skin thoroughly from the scalp. The best way to do this is to apply the tea and keep it on for a while, then wash it off and rinse the hair with conditioner. Doing this not only does away with the dandruff problem, but it also prevents your hair from being tied up in messy tangles.

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