Kunal Jaisingh Helps the Needy With Food, Milk


Actor Kunal Jaisingh has been doing his bit to help the needy as the country battles the second wave of Covid-19. The actor has been providing milk and food to people in slums.

“Covid is showing us a really bad time. It has been a curse upon us. I feel every second person needs help, be it fighting a financial crisis or depression. I’m trying my best to help. I am helping people with necessities such as milk, food and other common bills since the last month,” he told IANS.

The actor said that he is also trying to help people on social media.

“I am also trying my best to talk and answer maximum people on my social media account. That’s how we all need to behave. It’s the need of the hour,” he said.

The actor said that at this time, we must try to reach out to one another.

“The is not the time to blame each other but our priority is to help each other. We must take a break from being casual and taking things for granted. We need to act in a responsible way. Also, we need to keep away from rumours related to Covid, instead, we need to bring more encouraging vibes,” he said.

The actor is currently shooting in Gujarat for his show “Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye” and said that he is worried about his family back home.

“I’m worried about my family, who is in Mumbai, away from me. I just hope a miracle happens and it turns out to be a bad dream,” he said.

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