Kool-Aid, Country Time, and Arizona Tea Drink Mixes Recalled for Potential Metal and Glass Contamination


Kraft Heinz is voluntarily recalling several of its powdered drink products, including offerings from Kool-Aid, Tang, Country Time, and Arizona Tea. The affected products may contain small fragments of metal and glass.

The recall was initially issued on November 12 for the 82.5-ounce Kool-Aid Tropical Punch sold at Costco and has since been updated to include more products. “The issue was first discovered during an internal review at the manufacturing facility,” says Kraft Heinz’s announcement on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recall website. “The company is actively working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially impacted product from circulation.”

Kraft Heinz’s recall actually affects both U.S. and Canadian products. In the U.S. the recall applies to some Country Time Lemonade, Tang, Arizona Tea, and Kool-Aid powdered beverages with “best when used by” dates between May 10 and November 1, 2023. In Canada the recall applies to certain lots of Country Time Lemonade with “best when used by” dates of September 15, 2023, and Tang powdered drink mixes with “best when used by” dates of August 20–21, 2023. The full list of products being recalled and their individual UPC codes is available in the company’s announcement. “No other sizes, varieties, or code dates of Country Time Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Arizona Tea, Tang or other powdered beverages, ready-to-drink beverages, or Kraft Heinz products are included in this recall,” the company says. “Kraft Heinz is committed to upholding the highest safety and quality standards.”

There’s no need to rush to the doctor if you’ve sipped on one of these already. “Due to the small particle size, third-party medical experts believe accidentally ingesting the affected product is unlikely to result in injury or illness,” a spokesperson for Kraft Heinz told Today Food.

But if you have one of the potentially affected products and haven’t opened it yet, don’t. “Consumers who purchased these items…should not consume the product and can either return it to the store where it was purchased or discard it,” the company statement recommends.

Kraft Heinz isn’t the only company struggling with potential metal contamination—Tastykake also issued a recall for select batches of its cupcakes and Krimpets in early November, as SELF previously reported.




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