Know 5 Interesting Facts About ‘Father of Marxism’ Karl Marx on His Death Anniversary


Known as the father of Marxism, Karl Marx, is often misidentified as the inventor of communism by many. Though he wrote extensively on the subject and dedicated his whole life to promoting the Marxist theories, communism predates him. March 14, 2021, marks the 138th death anniversary of this social leader. His views — on manufacturing, labour, leisure, and the cost of being human — have been torchbearers for many revolutions throughout history. While most of his thoughts are quite public, like his prediction that capitalism will be brought down by a workers’ revolution and protest, there are some facts that you may not know about him.

Here are 5 Interesting facts about the ‘Father of Marxism’ on his death anniversary:

His baptism was most likely political

Baptism is an essential rite of passage in many cultures, his was possibly politically motivated. His father converted to Lutheranism in 1816 as a response to a new law barring Jews from serving in professions or public office.

Possible alcoholic

While promoting the idea that leisure is a commodity in the capitalistic world, Marx would often pair his thinking sessions with a glass of beer. Many reports claim after joining Trier Tavern Club, Marx became a heavy drinker.

A life riddled with diseases

Though extremely strong in his words, Marx was physically quite weak. They called his sickness “the wretchedness of existence.” According to biographer Werner Blumenberg, Marx suffered from headaches, eye inflammation, joint pain, insomnia, liver and gallbladder problems, and depression.

Controversial marriage

The anti-upper class and aristocracy professor was shot by the cupid’s arrow and fell for an aristocrat a couple of years older than him. Despite being from a noble family, Jenny von Westphalen was herself a political activist. During the era, marrying a girl four years elder than the guy was quite unusual and frowned upon.

Marx-the romantic!

You may have read the Communist Manifesto and his revolutionary slogans like “workers of the world unite” but did you know he was also a romantic writer?

He wrote many love poems while he was courting Jenny as well a writing a satirical novel by the name of Scorpion and Felix.



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