Ken Paxton Eye Injury – How Did It Happen? Everything To Know About Right Lazy Eye

Many people are curious about Ken Paxton’s one lazy eye and wonder if something is wrong with his eye health. However, the truth behind his right lazy eye goes back to his childhood days. 

At the age of twelve, when he was playing hide-and-seek with his friends, he met an injury and nearly lost an eye in a game. The incident led him to long-term problems with his vision.


Ken Paxton in Conroe, Texas


Luckily, his other eye was not affected, and it has helped him a lot with good vision. His excellent eye is now green, while the damaged one is brown and limp.

Later, he again injured his eye in his college days while a student at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. The injury and accident resulted in his eye damage, and hence, his right eye seems to be suffering from amblyopia.

Is Ken Paxton Suffering From Eye Disease?

Ken Paxton, who recently won the Republican primary, has a right lazy eye, also known as amblyopia. It causes poor vision in just one look.

He has been suffering from an eye disease where the brain can’t recognize sight in one eye. However, his left eye is doing well, and it’s helping with vision without any disturbance. 

Twitter: Ken Paxton, Attorney General

Ken Paxton stays quite active on his Twitter account. His account is verified and goes by the name @KenPaxtonTX. 


Ken Paxton with former President Donald Trump
Ken Paxton with former President Donald Trump


As of 2022, he has 19.1k followers and 1,408 followers on his Twitter account. Most of his posts are related to politics.