Is Hefty Electricity Bill Troubling You? Here’s What You Need to Do


The usage of electricity is necessary for every household, but many receive hefty power bills every month. This occurs due to our carelessness while using electric appliances and leaving them on. Sometimes, the cheap quality electrical products that consume more power also become the reason for huge power bills. The power supply companies advise that we use standard quality products to save energy and avoid hefty electricity bills. You can save electricity at home, as well as money, by following some simple tips.

Here are few tips to save money by cutting down electricity consumption at home-

Shut down computer when not in use: Amid covid restrictions, most of the people are working from work on the computer. When you take breaks, do not put the computer in sleep mode, but shut it down. Always turn off the power switch after finishing your work.

Turn off all the appliances before leaving home: Before going out, turn off lights, fan, geyser, mixer, chimney, electric gas, induction, cooler, and AC. The power bill tends to be hefty when the electrical appliances are left on by house owners.

Use LED bulbs: Compared to the normal bulb, LED bulb consumes less electricity and provide more brightness. Therefore, you should switch to LED bulbs at home.

Keep defrosting the fridge: Sometimes a lot of ice accumulates in the freezer, due to which the cooling power of the fridge decreases. This also results in higher power consumption. So keep defrosting the fridge at regular intervals.

Set timer on TV: Many a time we fall asleep while watching TV at night. The appliance then continues to draw power the entire night and results in hefty power bills. To save power and money, you should set time on your TV so that it automatically turns off at the scheduled time.

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