What Is Abby Baron Political Party and Affiliation? Wikipedia

Abby Baron stands as a candidate for Superior Court Judge of Los Angeles County in the June 2022 election. She is free from party affiliation.

According to Wikipedia, Ms. Baron has been acknowledged by her companion, supervisors, and the media for her compassion, victim defense, and public service. After 14 years in her career as a prosecutor, she is currently running for Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County.

She is also in service as a Council Member for Crime Survivors. She supports this organization in serving those who have been exploited and need resources to get safety and healing.


Abby Baron volunteers her time in community service,
Abby Baron volunteers her time in community service,

As stated by Los Angeles Times Endorsement, Abby has received appreciation from police and crime victims advocates and defense lawyers, who mention her honesty and desire for a just result rather than a judgment at all costs.

According to Judge Amy N. Carter, Ms. Baron is a suitable choice for Los Angeles Country Superior Court Judge.

Is Abby Baron Married With Husband?

Abby Baron and Tim got hitched at Hotel Dupont in Wilmington, Delaware, on October 11, 2019. Abby seems secretive about her personal life.

Baron’s dedication to the people of Los Angeles County and her powerful morals of justice and advocacy nourished the decision to manage the office. Being a Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles County, Ms. Baron will carry on to illustrate people fairly, honorably, and with kindness.


Ms. Baron volunteered  with the Howard League for Penal Reform in Hackney, London, England.
Ms. Baron volunteered with the Howard League for Penal Reform in Hackney, London, England.


Baron wants to keep her private life away from social media. Hence, the information about her husband remains unpublished. But it can be assumed that they both are sharing joyous married life.

How Much Is Abby Baron Net Worth in 2022?

The exact net worth of Abby Baron is not known but, according to the indeed, the average salary for a judge is $147,278 per year in California as of 2022.

The salary and net worth differ based on experience and skills. In Los Angeles, CA, the average Superior Court judge earns $179,315, 3% above the national average Superior Court Judge salary of $173,872. This pay is 7% lesser than the mixed average salaries of other metros of Boston, Dallas, and Denver.

District judges can make $169,300 a year, and those on circuit courts of appeal earn $179,500. Even Roberts is the the top judge in the 876-person federal judiciary with a salary of $217,000, acquires lesser than a Los Angeles County judge.

Abby is successfully growing in her career. She feels proud being in her profession. Hence, it’s certain that her net worth will rise with time.