International Day of Action for Women’s Health Day 2022: Theme, History and Significance


INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH DAY 2022: The International Day of Action for Women’s Health or International Women’s Health Day is observed on May 28. The objective of the day is to spread awareness about the health and rights of women.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, women had to bear the extra brunt of social and economic consequences. This day aims to raise awareness on issues related to women’s health and well-being such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The focus is to remind everyone that woman’s health matters.

History, Significance Of International Day of Action for Women’s Health

The International Women’s Health Day came into existence in 1987 when the South African government officially recognised it during that time. With the day beginning to be observed, it became an opportunity to educate and make people aware of the importance of sexual and reproductive health and the rights of women.

The need to educate women across the globe about health issues, irrespective of factors including religion and age, still retains utmost importance.

Theme Of International Day of Action for Women’s Health 2022

This year, activist around the world, call on everyone to ‘Resist And Persist’ amid crises and global uncertainty, and to continue to assert that Women’s Health Matters and SRHR is essential.

Within the context of the post-pandemic recovery, the activists continue to hold governments accountable for the gendered impacts of the pandemic that remain unaddressed to date. These include loss of livelihood, heightened risks of gender-based violence, increased unpaid care burdens on women and girls, and barriers to accessing essential sexual and reproductive health services, along with safe abortion and post-abortion care.

Below are few rights that SRHR has included in its list for women:

  1. Use modern contraceptive methods
  2. Sexuality education
  3. Choose their partner
  4. Receive information on sexuality
  5. Safe abortion and post-abortion care
  6. Women should know about prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
  7. Women being cautious about health care
  8. Awareness of medical facilities, contraceptives, and other help
  9. Protection from HIV/AIDS
  10. Women should be given safe and legal abortion facilities.

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