Intermittent fasting not good for weight loss? Fitness expert Guru Mann tells us why


A lot of information is available on the internet about nutrition, diet, fitness and weight loss. Due to all of this, one is bound to get confused, and hence, an expert’s opinion is always helpful. Guru Mann, one of the popular fitness experts, feels that fitness and nutrition are simple concepts and should not be complicated for the layman.

As reported by Times of India, Guru has been a part of the fitness circuit for over a decade now. Ask him how has the industry changed over the years, and he says, “Over the years, I have seen that people have become more interested in fitness. There are more gyms than ever before. People of all ages are gymming and focusing on fitness and nutrition. They are taking their whole fitness game very seriously.”

Fitness has been an area of focus a lot more now than before, and in this process, many of us get a few things wrong that can in time be harmful for our body. About the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing weight, Guru says, “The biggest mistake that people make is that they try to copy what’s working for someone else. Everyone is different and what works for them may not work for you.”

Guru is quick to point out the same phenomenon with nutrition. He adds, “Similarly, with nutrition, people come to me and say that I am eating so less, still I am not losing weight. But what they miss is that eating too less or eating too much, both are detrimental for your weight loss process. So it’s important that you experiment with your diet. Little things like the amount of oil you are using while cooking also play a big role. So eat a certain portion and see if it’s making you see results. If they are, keep adjusting the portions and you will soon see good results.”

A lot has been debated about weight training and cardio, but Guru believes “they are both important and have different roles to play”. “When you get off running or walking on the treadmill, the weight loss process stops there but when you do weight training, like deadlifts, you keep burning calories even after finishing the workout. So that’s the difference between the two,” he shares.

Ask him what are some simple tricks for weight loss, and he says, “The most important thing is what you eat. One should try to have more homemade food and avoid packaged and processed food, he says, adding, “There is so much variety when it comes to vegetables, fruits, and protein. One should learn to add all the variety so they don’t get bored of healthy home food. Do not eat the same food every day. Keep the options ready. Look for lifestyle changes that will transform your life.”

Breaking it down further, Guru says, “Focus on 5 meals – three mail meals and two snacks. Diet plans are like punishment and soon you feel bored of what you eat. When you are chasing a goal or have a deadline, then you can follow intermittent fasting or a specific diet but for long term, you shouldn’t be torturing yourself. Besides, it is important to start some physical activity. Be it yoga, sports, running, or walking, anything that helps you take your heart rate up. And then once you feel comfortable in it, you should look at ways to enhance your fitness levels by opting for stronger workouts.”

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