Immunity Booster Decoction To Fight Covid in April? What Experts Say


Just when the Covid-19 pandemic, after wreaking havoc for nearly 3 years, started showing some signs of slowing down, another variant of the virus was reported.

The number of patients in many European and Asian countries has spiked, and the possibility of a fourth wave can’t be ruled out. At the same time, health experts are constantly appealing to the people to take precautions, and follow safety rules. Let’s understand if Ayush and Ayurvedic products will help if there’s a fourth wave?

MS Vaidya S Rajagopal, Delhi-based All India Institute of Ayurveda says, “During the Covid-19 pandemic, people took Kadha several times a day and other medicines like AYUSH-64. Now if a person has a fever or has symptoms of Covid, they can take Ayush-64 tablets. Spices and black pepper must be used with caution during this season. People will need to make some changes to these products to stop generating unnecessary heat in the body.”

If people are drinking Ayush decoctions, Vaidya Rajagopal recommends making the decoction lighter. To put it another way, maintain more water in it and incorporate less decoction powder. Apart from that, add some dry grapes to it to cool it down. Avoid using jaggery or honey.

The decoction should be kept to a minimum of 50 ml every day. During the previous waves, people drank the decoction several times a day, which heated their bodies. But now the temperature is rising rapidly, and therefore, don’t drink the decoction more than twice a day.

He further added that people can take herbal tea as an alternative to the decoction. It also helps boost their immunity. People can also take Giloy or Guduchi this season. It is better for health and cools down your body too.

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