How to Support Your Male Partner Struggling with Infertility


One of the happiest, and most exciting moments in a couple’s life is the time when they have decided to embark on a new journey and start a family. However, few couples struggle to conceive due to some or the other complications, turning their excitement into disappointment. And this difficulty leads them toward the fertility test, which further aggravates their stress and anxiety. While female infertility garners huge attention and sympathy, male infertility is often a private heartache, as the stereotypical society often tags it with being impotent.

While your partner is struggling with the pain and sorrow attached to infertility, it becomes crucial for you to extend your support and help him to overcome the tough period. So here are some vital strategies that will be helpful to women in providing that much-needed love to their partners:

Communicate with each other

Ask your partner about how they are feeling so that he doesn’t feel that he has been left out. Do not let them isolate themselves, always be available to them. Try and understand what he wants.

Avoid discussing infertility

During this period, it is not only the male who is suffering but also the female. While males prefer to keep such private things at heart, females prefer to talk it out and get over the pain. You must try and avoid sharing this with your family and friends, as this might not go well with your husband. He can feel uncomfortable opening up about it to a third person. So sharing it with others will only add on to his pain.

Give him some time

Give your partner some time to digest the news, do not get desperate about having the baby because then you will end up continuously telling him to go to the doctor. Try not to push him for any procedures, until and unless he is ready for it himself.

Don’t be harsh on him

It is okay if he is not opening up about his feelings, you must only show him that you are available whenever he needs you rather than pushing him to express himself. It is possible that he expresses his stress in the form of anger. Try not to argue at that moment and be gentle and understanding.

Be sensitive while discussing other options

Being a woman you have all right to hurry, and while sperm donor IVF is a good and doable option for conception in male infertility cases, you must be extra sensitive while discussing those options. Firstly you must understand if he is ready for discussing other options or not, and if you think he is then begin the topic gently.

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