How to Stop Craving Sugary Snacks


If you find yourself with an insufferable sweet tooth, you’re not alone. Many people experience strong cravings for sugary foods. However, there are many reasons that you might be craving sugar.

This article will explain why we crave sugar, how to reduce our sugar cravings, and ideas to satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy way.

Why Do We Crave Sugary Snacks?

Sugar increases the hormone called serotonin, which regulates our mood and appetite. Because sugar makes us feel good, it makes sense that our brains crave more of it.

It’s also understood that our brains are conditioned to want what our body is used to.

In other words, if you’re typically eating a lot of sugar, your body is quite accustomed to this high sugar diet, which makes it more challenging to break the habit (1).

Another common reason why many people find themselves bingeing on sugary snacks is that they deprive themselves of adequate nutrition throughout the day.

After a day of not eating enough, blood sugar crashes. In turn, we crave foods that will provide us with quick energy, which is oftentimes in the form of sugar.

Even if you’re eating enough throughout the day for your body’s needs, are you depriving yourself of certain foods that you really love and want? Deprivation only makes our cravings grow stronger (2).

If we’re not eating foods that are truly satisfying to us, this is not a sustainable – or enjoyable – dietary pattern to follow. Eventually, we end up binging on cookies, brownies, ice cream, and other sugary foods.

How to Stop Craving Sugary Snacks?

It’s likely not realistic to avoid sugary snacks forever, nor is it necessary to have a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet.

However, it is important to learn to fuel our bodies in a way that will keep us satisfied without having to think about sugar all the time.

Here are some ways to help manage sugar cravings:

  • Avoid skipping meals: Skipping meals can lead to an increase in cravings for sugar, likely as a result of low blood sugar.
  • Eat enough protein: Protein helps us feel full and satisfied. However, if we don’t get enough in our diets, the body often craves quick energy from sugar.
  • Ensure adequate hydration: Our brains can often confuse thirst and hunger. It’s important to stay well-hydrated to ensure your cravings are not stemming from dehydration.
  • Don’t avoid carbohydrates: Our bodies require carbohydrates to function. If we eliminate carbohydrates, blood sugar can crash leaving us with fatigue, mental fogginess, and sugar cravings.
  • Don’t deprive yourself: Restrictive diets and strict food rules often backfire. Although it’s important to follow a well-balanced diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods, it’s important to be gentle with yourself as well. Be sure to not deprive yourself, as this often leads to even stronger cravings.

Take time to understand where your sugar cravings are coming from. This will help you determine the best way to reduce your sugar cravings. Perhaps you notice you’re frequently skipping meals, or maybe you’re not eating enough protein or drinking enough water.

Work on your nutrition and lifestyle wellness habits to improve your health and reduce your sugar cravings.

Tasty, Low Sugar Snack Options to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Although we can reduce our cravings for sugar, it’s not realistic to think we’ll never want to have something sweet ever again.

When you’re in the mood for something sweet, consider alternative options for treats that taste good and nourish your body at the same time.

Here are some ideas for healthy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth:

  1. Naked Cookie: This delicious treat provides both taste and premium nutrition. With 10g of protein, 7g of fiber, and only 1g of sugar, Naked Cookie is satisfying and nutritious. It’s the perfect snack for when you’re craving something sweet.
  2. PB & Cocoa Greek Yogurt: Swirl peanut butter, cocoa powder, and mini chocolate chips into plain greek yogurt for a tasty, protein-rich snack option.
  3. Cinnamon cookie “proatmeal”: Mix oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, and vanilla protein powder for a cozy and filling treat that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  4. Homemade salty & sweet trail mix: Simply mix together your favorite sweet and salty trail mix ingredients such as salted almonds, pistachios, dark chocolate chips, and dried cranberries.
  5. Mocha milkshake: Blend a frozen banana with chocolate protein powder, brewed coffee, and a dash of vanilla extract for a delectable mocha shake.

When you’re looking for a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, look for options that contain protein to help fill you up and satisfy your craving. It’s a good idea to look for snacks that contain at least 10g of protein.

Key Takeaways

People crave sugar for many reasons. However, it’s possible to significantly reduce your sugar cravings by tuning into your body’s needs and ensuring you are nourishing it properly.

Make sure to give yourself enough food to meet your body’s needs, ensure you’re adequately hydrated and be sure to consume enough protein and carbohydrates. All of these dietary tips will help you feel nourished and reduce cravings – especially for sugary snacks.

However, when you are craving sugar, it’s a good idea to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way in order to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.



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