How to Prevent Motion Sickness From Spoiling Your Trip


Now that the COVID-19 restrictions are slowly easing up, the time is ideal to plan a short road trip. For many of us, road trips also bring in a lot of anxiety due to motion sickness. But heart wants what it wants, and missing out on a trip after the extremely long hiatus due to COVID-19 is maybe even worse than the dreadful motion sickness.

To put your mental turmoil at rest, we bring you ways that might help you keep motion sickness in control. Just relax now and enjoy your trip.

Find enough room to breathe

Be it in motion or static, a cramped-up place is enough to make you feel giddy in your stomach. Therefore, while in transit, make sure you have enough air to breathe. If windows are not accessible, make sure the air conditioner is on.

Don’t be full

Full of energy? Sure. Full of food? Nope. Won’t work. Avoid heavy meals before a trip if you are prone to motion sickness. Stay away from too much oily, spicy, or acidic foods. Because, as we all know, the food we eat is only good till its inside, if you know what we mean.

Watch where you sit

Choosing appropriate seats helps in cases of motion sickness. For example, a front passenger in a car or a seat near the wing of an aircraft can help you reduce the effects of motion sickness.

Eat sour

Sour candies and lemon can help control motion sickness to an extent. Just pop one in your mouth, and you will feel a bit better. If these don’t help, keep a bunch of basil leaves handy, and when the time comes, chew a few.

Music and medicine

Well, if the other four ways do not work, the last resort is medicine. Take a pill that helps with motion sickness, plug in some music, and try to gaze at the journey while you get back to normal.

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