How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer? Try These Tips


Makeup is not just to hide your blemishes, and dark spots, it boosts your confidence, too. Therefore, it is important that you take appropriate care of your makeup kit. Because in case you don’t, you will end up either replacing the makeup collection quite often or your makeup might cause a reaction or allergies on your skin.

Let us take a look at some of the tips that will make your makeup collection last long:

Sharing is not caring

When another person uses your makeup, it might absorb the bacteria from their skin which will further ruin your makeup. Sharing makeup can also cause allergies that may deteriorate the skin as well.

Check expiry date

Never forget to check the expiry date of products while buying makeup. Buying products, which are close to their expiry date can come back to bite you later. And if you are not careful and end up using expired products, it may cause damage to your skin.

Maintain ‘brush hygiene’

Makeup brushes deserve extra care as you use them to apply all sorts of products. Over time, the product residue gets stuck in between the bristles, which requires regular cleaning. It is advised that you wash foundation and concealer brushes twice a week. While the eye shadow and liner brushes can be washed twice a month. How to wash? gently dip the brush into a soap solution and wash it under running and clean water, with light hands.

Use mascara appropriately

Bacteria can develop anywhere, and bristles of brushes is one good place. One should sanitise the brushes with cotton pads, regularly. Here is a tip for using mascara, do not push the mascara stick up and down. Because while doing this, it comes into contact with external air which may lead to the growth of bacteria. Hence, it is better to spin the brush before pulling it out.

Store in dark, dry place

Makeup should always be stored in a cold, dark, and dry place. Out in the open, the products can get contaminated. Therefore, they should be kept away from moisture and light.

Oil-based products

Skincare products are usually oil-based or water-based. If you want your products to last long, it is better you choose the former. The water-based products are more prone to getting contaminated by bacteria, hence, they should be treated with extra care.

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