How to Make Spooky Halloween Cards to Scare Your Friends


Halloween is upon us and this time it is coming with a Blue Moon, something that is rare, adding to the spookiness of the occasion. Halloween is also known for the various traditions associated with it like trick-or-treating, costume parties, carved pumpkins, apple bobbing, visiting haunted places, watching haunted movies etc. One such indispensable tradition is that of making Halloween cards.

The concept of Halloween cards originated in the late 19th century and gained tremendous popularity in the early 20th century when they became as important as Christmas and birthday cards. A lot of the vintage Halloween cards are still very popular. They also give a peek into the evolution of the tradition and the legends associated with them.

Here’s one: “On Halloween look into the glass, Your future husband’s face will pass.” The saying accompanied a picture of a woman looking into a mirror, which showed her with a man. This was widely commemorated on the Halloween greeting cards at the turn of the century. FYI, if a skull appears in the mirror, the woman would die before marriage. Well, it’s what the legend says.

This year the coronavirus pandemic has disturbed the normal pace of things and Halloween is also going to be impacted. You may hesitate going out too much and miss out on a few things. So, here is one thing you can do sitting at home. Make Halloween cards on your own. This little DIY will help you in doing so.

Materials required: Chart Paper, Pencil, Glue, Scissors, Colour pencils, Felt pens, Ruler, Eraser

1. Take a sheet of paper or a chart paper and fold it in half from one short side to the other short side.

2. Take a smaller piece of paper. Measure to see if it fits on the previous paper leaving a margin of an inch on all sides.

3. Draw a few Halloween-themed objects. A pumpkin is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Use it. Try other objects like skull, ghosts, zombies, devil, graveyards etc. Anything haunted will do. Make a sketch. Fill it with colours.

4. Cut the drawing and paste it on the folded card. Write a spooky message on it (This is the most important part. Write something that will freak out your friend) and address it to the recipient.

That is it. The card is good to go.

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