How to make grapefruit face scrub at home


Last Updated: January 25, 2023, 20:11 IST

It is better to opt for organic and homemade ingredients.

Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps in skin nourishment.

Winters make your skin look dull and dry. As the temperature drops, the absence of moisture in the air becomes the primary cause of dullness. And, your skin may face several problems like roughness and dryness, itchy and stretchy skin, and clogging of pores, which further cause blemishes and skin breakouts. To overcome such problems, we often use certain skincare products like moisturisers and face washes. Instead of using these chemically treated products, it is better to opt for organic and homemade ingredients. Natural face scrubs are best to use, as it enters the skin layer, heals the harmed cells and assists in developing new skin cells. One of the best ways to scrub is by using fruit pulp.

We usually apply fruit pulps made from bananas, oranges and papaya. Grapefruits also act as a natural scrub. It contains essential elements like salicylic acid, which helps to exfoliate the skin. The fruit works effectively in treating acne and pimples, unclogging the pores and helps in removing dead skin cells and blackheads. It also contains exfoliating agents, which are beneficial for glowing and flawless skin. Vitamin C is also found in abundance in grapefruits, which nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple. Loaded with collagen properties, grapefruit used as a scrub, can also reduce wrinkles and dark circles.

You can definitely include this fruit scrub in your skincare routine, as it helps fight against skin ageing problems. Let’s have a look at this DIY tip, on how to prepare a grapefruit scrub.

What all you need:

To make the scrub, you will need one grapefruit, ½ cup sugar and 3 tbsp of almond oil. Other than this, an air-tight container will also be needed.

Method of preparation

– First, cut the grapefruit into two pieces and scoop out the pulp.

– Now take a bowl, pour the fruit pulp and add sugar and almond oil

– Mix all the ingredients well and make a thick paste. The fruit scrub is ready, you can also prepare this mixture in good quantity and store it in an airtight container for its further use.

Method of applying

– First of all, clean and wipe your face and neck area.

– Now take this scrub in the required amount and apply it on the face.

– After this, massage gently in circular motions with your hands for a few minutes and exfoliate the skin.

– Then wash your face with normal water after 5 minutes.

– You can also use this paste to scrub your full body.

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