How to lose weight fast – the surprising reason you should never diet in the new year


Why you should NEVER diet in the new year

Dr Pulde has unveiled the top four reasons why only two in 10 people who set New Year’s resolutions around weight loss will fail by February.

We ignore biological drives

When you commit to a restrictive diet after a lavish month of eating over the festive season, you’re probably ignoring your biological drive.

Dr Pulde said: “During the festive season, we eat all-out, and rely on New Year’s resolutions to reset our eating habits.

“However, we are programmed to seek calorie density, often with ultra-processed foods, which keep the calories high but eliminate the fibre and water needed to help our satiation system shut off.

“As a result, we over-eat high calorie, high-fat foods, which raises the threshold of what we find satisfying.

“Come New Year’s Day we feel restricted, deprived and anxious.”

To be successful, you should go at a gentler pace and cut down your calorie intake bit by bit to a reasonable amount.

The doctor advised: “Pace it. Don’t aim for 100 percent on January 1!

“Incremental changes over three months to a year are the best way to maintain healthy eating habits.

“Losing 10 pounds in 10 days only to gain 20 back is not sustainable. Instead, what if we lost one pound every 10 days in a way that we could enjoy and sustain?

“For example, if you are trying to incorporate more plant-based meals to aid your weight loss goals, change breakfast to be plant-based, have meatless Mondays, or choose local and seasonal fruit and vegetables for the next three months.

“Create small changes you can incorporate into your life, rather than changing everything at once.”

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