How to live longer: Healthy, satisfying relationships help to boost longevity


Countless studies have shown that having satisfying relationships influence a person’s happiness, health and life. If you’d like to boost your longevity, discover the key to beneficial alliances.

Harvard Medical School cited one study that examined data on 309,000 people.

It “found that a lack of strong relationships increased the risk of premature death from all causes by 50 percent”.

This is a bigger risk on your life than smoking 10 cigarettes per day, obesity and inactivity.

Developing closer relationships will mean finding out things that aren’t so great about the other person – it’s natural – and vice versa.

Continuing to regard them (and you) in a positive light is essential in practicing healthy relationships.

Moreover, healthy relationships require you talking favourably about each other in social situations and honouring each other’s preferences.

Meeting basic needs

Basic needs include companionship, affection and emotional support, alongside meeting the other needs a person has.

Those in healthy relationships are able to quickly and effectively repair any damage – how?

Begin with an apology, and recognising the other person is hurt, angry or unhappy.

Then address it with a problem-solving mindset, done in a timely manner – things left unsaid will do no good if they fester up inside of you.


The final key to satisfying relationships that can help boost longevity is reciprocity. It takes two people making a conscious effort to have a healthy relationship to work.

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